ADIRE Heritage Festival 2017

Adire Heritage Festival |

Adire is an indigo-dyed fabric which is an inherited cultural root and heritage that has been passed from generations, and maintained in the presence; it is a bestowed heritage for the perquisite of the generations of the South-Western people of the West African country, Nigeria. An ancient textile which has significantly retained it’s relevance from inception up till date, Adire is Culture and Culture refers fully to the cumulative deposit of knowledge, experience, beliefs, values, art, moral and law; Culture is the way and life of a people that is able to generate for them assets and wealth through the application of their given skill, a means by which many switch their skills into entrepreneurship tools of which they have found extremely enjoyable.

Adire Heritage Festival is a brand initiative of Iroko Event International; Iroko is a
brand which came to play as a body which addictively fosters and promote the African culture to the Africans and Non-African people in diaspora. Adire from it’s inception is a festival that actively encourages the essence of unity, self-love and loyalty to one’s origin; it discovers and identifies with talent and interests while expanding awareness and employment opportunities among Nigerian youths and women, and also generating income for the Nigerian Nation through Tourism – it links indigenous entrepreneurs to funding and growth enhancement support from the UK and members of the British African Alliance while attracting diasporan investors.

At every Adire edition, the sundry display of the elegance of African Art and Culture has undeniably brought about a huge and globally appreciated legacy of the African Fashion, physical artefacts and intangible distinction of which it’s influence is apparent; around the world, Adire has been seen in people of different races and colour as predominate, it has become the norm.

“A widely accepted choice of fashion, a globally accepted act of craft.”

At the festival of birthrights, at the commemoration of our heritage, at Adire Heritage Festival – an event which has seen the light of day in the European city of Austria, which attracted Africans and lovers of African fabrics from different walks, lovers of fashion and culture loving men and women, we are set to tell our stories in myths and tales – our women are unified and set in their Iro as the men unrolled their Agbada. Oh! We cannot wait to once again vibrantly and energetically twist our waist and whine our bodies to the melodious sound of the talking African drum GanGan. We savoured in the beauty of colour and culture where we had a reminder, an awakening, and the pronouncement of the African beauty and perfections! Our elegant nature was set loose! We were lost in awe of the moment and took delight in our highly colourful and dazzlingly designed Adire textiles, yes we did.

We did in Austria Europe!
We did in Lagos Nigeria 2016!

We dazzled in our maxi skirts, our jewellery, we showcased gorgeously both on the runway and in the festival, our brilliantly done Adire fabrics, manufactured into hand-bags, shoes, swim-wears, interior materials, school-bags and countless more.

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  • Exhibition
  • Fashion Show
  • Bazaar
  • Talking Drum
  • Concert
  • Awards
  • Kids Play Houses
  • Black Doll (Children and Family)
  • Seminar (also see IrokoEvents)


  • Campaign on buying African-made products
  • Create awareness for locally-made African-made fabrics and arts
  • Showcase the beauty and sustainability in African textile

Gender: Female & Male
Age Sets: 1580 years
Guests: Art Practitioners, Beauty Practitioners, Fashion Designers, Carvers, Dancers, Influencers, Expatriate Communities, Government Bodies, Business Executives, Entrepreneurs, NGOs, Professionals, Students e.t.c.

Low, mid and high-income earners.
The Trendy, the Sociable, and the Confident.

1, Hospital Road, Old Prison Ground, Broad Street Lagos State.

The Adire Heritage Festival is set to hold from the 7th-9th September, 2017