16: “6 Things I Remember (A Short Ode for Papa)” …written by BigDan

16 _ 6 Things I Remember ...written by BigDan Artwork | AceWorldTeam.com

25, 11; I always had a craving for numbers
Was it that Death loved Hell and Life hated Heaven?
‘cos Earth had so much uncertainty for man as offering
Be it a present for the present or a gift for the departed…
16, today is the number I remember,
This 16th minute of the 16th hour,
It’s been 16 years today, another November to remember,
For Peninah, James and Amanda
For as darkness swept the morning and light came at night
A contrast of brightness, Death; that we might live right?
And for every word I write, your presence highlights
That I take all you taught me and ‘Go Forth & Shine Bright.’
You to Earth was an August visitor, gone till November
16, I was just a teen left with a sister, brother and mother
For 6 things I remember in the month of November
1, 2, 3, Forever! We would always be close; 5 & 6, Son & Father.

writt’n by: BigDan