It was time for Akin and Abiodun to head home, the evening was still young but the moon had taken it’s position above the dark clouds; the beauty of it’s reflection breaking through the darkness kept Abiodun in awe as he walked home with his eyes fixed to the sky – he had always adored nature and was a big lover of the environ. Abiodun got fascinated about everything natural, right from the smallest of insects to the longest of hair on a woman’s head; as long as it is natural. Akin cautioned Abiodun to be careful and watch the path he was threading but Abiodun was so carried away by the negligible spectrum the moon had displayed in the sky that before he could return to his conscious state, he bumped into …..

20 Minutes Ago…

Seems your babes ain’t showing up any more, have you tried giving them a call?Akin asked Abiodun.

Nah, no be them suppose call ni? If I call them, they would start feeling important like say na me need something from them.Abiodun was quick to reply, definitely under the little influence of the drinks.

It was so bad that smoking alongside drinking always doubled the alcoholic effect on him, but his system wouldn’t fluid-flow properly if there was no cigarette to go with his drinks – he was just one weird being with a weird personality and a weird system, enough for him to be with another weird being, a major weird being. Akin was a preset default if it came to mechanical terms; he operated as he wanted, when he wanted, and how he wanted – even when programmed, he had his own codes to obey, a little of this and a little of that, more of me and more of them – his pattern was just so confusing unless you were as confused as he was. Little wonder everyone who lived in his world conveniently had to be a psycho or a genius at deciphering.

Guy, your unnecessary shakara too much, just call and ask where dem dey. At least make person know if any show go dey tonight or not.Abiodun could already decipher that Akin had some plan of some sort building in his medulla oblongata, and he knew so well to find out what it was before he also gets trapped in it.

Why’re you so bothered sef? You no ask me since, now wey time don go na hin you dey ask.Abiodun quickly resorted, leaving Akin lesser time to think and counter attack him.

Akin, in his usual habit kept to his cool and ushered Abiodun that it was time to leave; all he had to say in the bar before their exit was, “sha pray make them come so you go fit thank me later.

He wore his usual smile, a smile that I always deciphered to be abnormal, one of hidden agenda – a smile at the moment meant for a later torment, or enjoyment; whichever it was, Abiodun was fast cracking his brain on what the night might result into – Strip Game, Truth/Dare or Devils’ Basket; a deadly trio that the team had nicked STD – any of the games was sure to have a ripple of sexuality and get even the smartest of participants infected.

Back To The Present…

Geez, watch where you’re going to.Abiodun blurted out as he tried to regain his balance; he looked up at who had bumped into him and at the moment, he was in a fix.

Oh sorry, but you should have been careful next time,” he said to the young lady.

Akin was laughing hysterically on the other side acting like he didn’t know who Abiodun was.

You should be the one to watch where you are going,” said the lady.

Abiodun didn’t know if he should lose his cool or just play the gentleman and let things go; he had already apologized to her, what more does she want? A hug? The general belief that you can never satisfy a woman 100% just got proven again; he looked at the young lady who was still wearing a frown on her angry face – his brain quickly scanned her features from head to toe, a habit Abiodun had in him – the photographic memory of his brain makes it easier for him to capture anything with his eyes in the shortest of moment and access them quickly. The lady before him was probably in her early twenties, black skinned, average height; she had good-shaped boobs and though she was facing him, he could tell from her hips that her a** would be eyes appealing. Her physique was great, she was cute, wore long braids and had brown eyes; her blue Polo top clenched to her body, bringing out the shape in her, same applied for her jeans. Abiodun could decipher that underneath those clothes, she had a body that was banging; his brain registered what she would look like in her birthday suit and instantly, there was a ding of sex appeal in his head. Cool or gentleman approach? Which would work better? He thought.

I already said I’m sorry; fine, I’m at fault, hope you aren’t hurt?Abiodun said as he made a move towards her to examine her hand.

I’m fine, thank you.” She replied as she drew her hand away from Abiodun.

I mean no harm; do you stay around here?Abiodun asked.

The young lady seemed uninterested in Abiodun’s conversation.

I’ve got to get going.” She said as she walked away.

Abiodun lifted his hands to the sky with an expression on his face that depicted, “I don’t know what’s wrong with her.

Akin kept laughing as Abiodun crossed over to Akin’s side and they continued their journey back home; Abiodun knew Akin was going to tease him but he didn’t care as they both laughed over the issue on their way home – Akin insisted they stop over and buy some more drinks in addition to the ones at home.

When challenged by Abiodun if he planned to drunk himself to death tonight over some chicks that might probably not show up again, he laughed it off and said, “you’ve got your plan, I’ve got mine.

Abiodun wondered what that meant but he knew if he pushed further, he wouldn’t get a worthy reply; it was best he waits to find out what happens later – patience they say is a virtue. As they loaded their nylon with various drinks and snacks, Abiodun thought about the house and how much he would miss it if they left for the other side of town. Well, business was best done at the busier side of town than the location of their present abode; he knew so well how many times it had being inconvenient for him to go attend meetings and events at the other end. The traffic and bad road made it worse; friends hardly visited, even guests never visit a 2nd time. The house was a lovely place in the wrong location; the structure was perfect for the adventurous lifestyle of Akin and Abiodun.

“A mistake is another way of doing things.” – Warren Bennis

The House

The Hideout, as Akin and Abiodun had nicked it, is a lovely structure in the middle of the steeps, where the structure had been erected; it stood out amongst other buildings as most of the edifices around it were small and ancient. The building was fenced round and the floor, all cemented with a good drainage pattern; the building which had a good space around it served Akin and Abiodun in ways more than a home. The house had been built by Akins’ parent before they relocated to their state of origin, leaving only he and his elder brother, Lawrence Jnr; Lawrence, who had to travel outside the country for more than one reasons ranging from a professional course to business, left Akin with no choice than to remain alone in the house. The unusual meeting of Akin and Abiodun which elevated to a whole new web of work partnering and lifestyle patterning, brought about both of them staying together in the big house; The Hideout, just like every other house played a major role in the life of Akin and Abiodun, a great deal of memories had been lived, witnessed and practised in this house. The 5-bedroom bungalow had big bedrooms, a very large living room and dining area, a store and standard kitchen; it also had a small patio behind, which was never used. Asides the Maringa tree which whistled whenever the wind brushes its’ tiny leaves and noise from the generator whenever there was no supply of electricity from the National power authority, the house was usually quiet; Abiodun’s fondest moment in the house has been the parties and the sexcapades – one that had always related more to a lecherous lifestyle, yet a business-minded motive – like Akins’ experience with the lady from the next street who was not a Nigerian, yet had a kid, and was enjoying the sexual exploits; need he mention his experience with the little girl from districts away that was all into him, yet squirted 5 minutes into the foreplay? Pardon Abiodun if he decides to act all innocent yet bursting hymens like needle to balloons; the adventure of Akin and Abiodun in The Mansion remains one of little expectation, yet a mighty result.

The Walk Home
When’re we moving?Abiodun asked Akin as they strolled down the steeply path home.

If I tell you when, you won’t still be prepared, so let’s both stay unknown.Akin replied.

Was he crazy? Why won’t he tell? Is this relocating idea all of his or is there more to it? Abiodun was fast lost in his thoughts; he wished he could get his answers, but he knew so well he wouldn’t get any, so bad for being the object to be projected than the tool to be used. It just wasn’t a normal circle in this part of the world where he was, it was a sphere and an oval in the same family as a circle – what goes around, comes around.

“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.” – Jim Rohn

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