LECHEROUS JOURNAL: Episode 22 …script’d by BigDan

Lecherous Journal Artwork ...by BigDan | AceWorldTeam.com

Lecherous Journal Artwork ...by BigDan | AceWorldTeam.com


We need to talk, I think it’s time we move out of this area.” Akin told Abiodun.

They sat on the sofa in the living room as Akin threw back some old tunes from his laptop; Abiodun, who was facing the television set directly and focusing his attention on both his drink and the Candy Crush game on the iPad shifted his gaze from the device and stared towards the direction where Akins’ voice came from.

Why would we want to leave our own comfort zone? Where and what exactly do you have in mind?” He asked a little bit confused.

Ever since they met fortuitously due to an event Abiodun was planning and needed Akins’ promotional expertise to keep the event in the know, Akin and Abiodun‘s work relationship had grown frenziedly from that of mere business-related to partners-in-crime in almost all facet of life; Akin vaguely remembers how Abiodun always enjoyed watching him play pool at the lounge whenever he crossed over to the other side of town to chill out a little with Jide and other friends. The rest is all a blur, but from then on, they connected; nothing could change that, but they didn’t count on what was about to happen – the new life that they were about to live together – the beginning of a cobweb of series.

Guy! Where your mind dey na?Abiodun said, cutting Akin off his reminiscing.

Akin knew so well not to answer Abiodun; it was already a settled argument with both parties reluctant to leave but knowing so well they had to; plans had already been set in motion for them to relocate in few weeks – the only problem had been that they wouldn’t be getting a place of their own just yet – they had to move in with an uncle [The Professor] in the busier side of town. This would be a new exposure to their lives, one that might make or break their adventurous style – the future would tell.

Abiodun noticed he wouldn’t be getting a reply, better still he knew he was just shooting rhetorical questions blank; he dropped the iPad, got off the sofa and headed straight for the kitchen. After a short perambulating, he returned back to the living room where Akin was deeply concentrated on his laptop while the lyrics, “you claim to be a player, but I f**ked your wife…” filled the vacuum of the room, and it’s high decibel banged on Abiodun’s eardrums; these were words spat out by the legendary Tupac Shakur, on one of the most-acclaimed diss tracks ever to another Hip-Hop legend, Christopher Wallace – funny enough, that line didn’t hit Abiodun like anything from a diss track, in fact it brought back funny memories to him about what happened few weeks ago before he and Akin returned back from Ghana on their 6 months escapade. It was time to kill this boredom and Abiodun just knew how to get Akin to repeat the details of that memorable night at the old Gold Coast.

Akin was probably rounding up on whatever he was busy with on his laptop, it was pretty easy to depict that without even asking or peeping over to see; he was already stretching his leg and dragging on a pair of his footwear – it was time to take a break, a walk to the bar at the junction for some relaxation – that only meant one thing to Abiodun, time for the hidden truth.



After the usual exchange of pleasantries with every one that pertained to the bar – the owner, friends and guests – Abiodun and Akin settled for the usual feat, the game of Checkers, one we particularly call Draft in this Western region of the country; knowing fully well that Akin was more tactical at the game than himself, Abiodun just wouldn’t agree with the fact – he teases himself that someday, he would be better than Akin and defeat Akin flawlessly. The usual drink concoction and a packet of cigarette were served as Akin and Abiodun kept on with their game; it was only unfair that Abiodun had laid the rules and he was the one losing to it. The simple rule of, whoever loses a board [3 wins to the other] gets to buy the next bottle of drink sure had Abiodun denting his pocket as it was a no-good day for him on the game; 9 times, one-on-one with Akin and Abiodun, only tasted victory once. His never-say-die or rarely giving up spirit was at it again; only one thing kept him from grumbling about losing to his own rule – he was enjoying the drink and moreso, needed it for the activity that would be going down later in the evening. The crib would be hosting 2 girls that one would never have thought would cross over from the other side of town for a sleep-over; it was about time to play the old tricks on some new dogs – Abiodun smiled as he took a long drag from the cigarette hanging in-between his lips and let out a light puff.

It was time for Abiodun and Akin to put the game to rest; the evening was fast approaching and Abiodun hadn’t heard from their guests of the night. They had said they would set out by noon and journey down all the way from Osun state to spend the night with them; how he got to know them remains a mystery – one Broadcast Message was what brought about Tayo adding Abiodun up on the Blackberry messaging application [BBM] and that was how a first buzz of the remark, “lovely piece, I enjoyed reading your article titled ‘A Minute To Midnight‘,” became a series of getting to know each other and more. Now that Abiodun and Akin are back from Ghana, she had promised to come visit them, didn’t seem like a promise to me, it felt more like an “I’m dying to meet you in personthingy; Abiodun knew so well not to allow his pen-craft talents get to his head, but sometimes he just couldn’t help but raise his shoulder high in appreciation of his skills, at least, he’s allowed to brag about it a little. Abiodun was beginning to have a strange feeling, more like he was fast becoming nervous; he knew that Akin wouldn’t have a problem keeping Tayo’s friend, Laide, busy – in fact, Akin might end up banging her before he even get to lay his lips on Tayo, but that might not necessarily be a bother as he and Tayo had exchanged erotic conversations and sexual fantasies when they began to get deeper into each other. The hidden truth about it was that Abiodun might have just wanted their relationship to be that of friends with benefit, but her stories about how her present boyfriend keeps going back and forth, on cheating on her and apologizing, began to make Abiodun feel a little more emotionally attached to her; he often fought the thought of a possible love relationship with her, not with Vivian and Tolu still at war with each other over him. It wasn’t like Tolu hadn’t moved on with her love life, in fact, she had a new boyfriend now, but the thought of Vivian and Abiodun being together sure makes her go wild and angry – as angry as the last sex she had with Abiodun before he travelled to Ghana; they’ve had series of hotel sex since the incident at Bheerhugs, but that very last one was a major bang – the Big Bang Theory.

Tolu had requested to see Abiodun so they could talk things over about where she stood in his life and what Vivian meant to him; the conversation didn’t go down well as Abiodun had questioned if she would leave her present boyfriend and return back to him and she was reluctant to answer. Abiodun then insisted that she should not question him about Vivian as he had the right to do whatever he wanted with his d**k; she had taken his response not lightly as she began drumming her fists on his chest and in an attempt to stop her from the fury, Abiodun had grabbed her hands and told her to stop. She had rested her head on his chest when he noticed she was crying already; the tears that had rolled down her check and dropped on his chest was hot and heavy. Abiodun had lifted her face up and asked her why she was crying, only this time in a more subtle tone – he looked down into her eyes and she looked up into his eyes – it was a moment of pause; it was as if everything in the world froze and only these two past lovers existed. Instantly, the room was habituated with the abstracts – an unexplainable love, an ex-relationship, and sex.

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Abiodun looked down on her lips as he tucked his lower lip under the upper and slowly made his teeth slide over it, a habit he felt always got the attention of ladies; he dragged her head up and before kissing her, he said to her, “even if we never get to date again, f**king you has remained the most adventurous reality in my sexuality.” Whether she understood that or not, she didn’t care, Abiodun had just lightened her face a little even in tears, she hurriedly cupped her mouth over his and it was as if she had a sudden boost of energy – she was going all wild on his lips. Abiodun thought of slowing down the pace but he knew better not to alter her frequency; his phallus was half-erected and slowly stiffening as all the vigour from the kissing had him in between pain and pleasure – he had to take charge, but then, maybe he should just submit for the night – it would be fun to watch and enjoy his ex f**k him angrily. He slowly slid off the head of the bed as she followed his lips till his back was fully laid on the bed; Tolu was still in the heat of the event and she wasn’t slowing down – she kissed Abiodun’s face hastily and was fast running her tongue down his bare chest – she was moving her tongue down to his ____.

The Fellatio Before The Knock

She pulled down his pants and underwear in one motion to reveal a rock hard c**k that she always adored; looking back on it, Abiodun never cared how many inches long it was. The exclamation from his friends and girls had always left him wondering why they feel his d**k is big; left to him, he wanted it even bigger and fatter. He wasn’t ready to help or interrupt her – in fact, he wanted the blow-job so bad and he wished it would last a long while before her mouth gives up; he sure knew he would never cum via a blow-job, he was still waiting for the mystery lady who would make him cum through that. His c**k was hard and very warm in her hand; she licked the soft spongy head and grabbed his balls.

Easy! They are sensitive.” He yelped.

Tolu gently felt his hairy balls as she licked up and down his shaft; she opened her mouth wider and slid her lips over his c**k. She was on a mission. She wanted his cum. She sucked hard but nothing came out. She pulled his c**k all the way into her mouth until her nose and eyes were buried in pubic hair, still there was no cum; he began to pump his c**k in and out of her mouth. She began to bob her head back and forth over his c**k.

No teeth, only lips dear.” He suggested.

She did so and began to bob even more. She began to use her hand to stroke his shaft while sucking and bobbing on his c**k; she was slobbering and moaning over his c**k while he was moving his lower half toward ecstasy. She was licking his c**k slowly up and down, then circling it’s head with her ovaled lips and sucking on it; she worked the tip, not taking an inch into her mouth, though Abiodun wanted his d**k all in her mouth again – the sexual feeling from the tip-tingling was getting him excited the more – his head drew back and his hands caressed hers as he was rocking inside her mouth. The pleasure was great, he tried to channel his mind into it to see if his d**k would reason alongside her wish and cum on her face; it didn’t take long, he was beginning to feel the sensation, the burning drive from his scrotum to burst open – he thought if this could be the first cum he would ever have from a blow-job and he would be having it with his ex? In a sexcapade that he couldn’t explain? Tolu cared nothing less about what was on Abiodun’s mind, she just wanted to f**k him so hard and get all these crazy ideas of being jealous about him and not wanting Vivian around him, maybe she didn’t want any girl around him; she just didn’t understand her feelings for Abiodun. She was slowly licking his balls and running her fingers on his chest when there was a thump on the door; they ignored the bang but it kept on going – the person at the door just wouldn’t stop. After so much silent infuriation from Tolu, she blurted out angrily, “who is it?

The voice they heard next wasn’t who they ever expected, not even Abiodun; he knew instantly that there was trouble. All Tolu could do was to place her right index finger on her lips towards Abiodun and panic out of confusion. What were they to do next?

“The only time ‘going down’ becomes a success is during oral sex.” – BigDan

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