MCskill ThaPreacha - #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS Artwork |

MCskill ThaPreacha - #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS Artwork |

Conscious lyricist, MCskill ThaPreacha joins the #BringBackOurGirls campaign but this time not with a placard, but with a conscious record well written and delivered over a soulful instrumental; activism through music is what Nigeria needs right now in the quest to find the missing girls and to stop terrorism in our nation. | ENJOY!!!



Welcome to the land of greedy leaders/
Frustrated youths wanna be suicide bombers/
Confused president, first lady got no patience/
She ordered the arrest of the lady who led the protest/
Fast forward some days later/
She came on TV shedding crocodile tears, like say we send her/
It’s all misery for the mothers and fathers/
While GEJ dancing in rallies and public parties/
Now I say rise up my people/
Why we still chilling? Get the guns out people/
It’s ’bout time we put unity on a speed dial/
But for peace to reign we gotta goto war now/
But I ain’t got no big guns to fight/
All I do is step in the booth and attack with the mic/
Put my life on the line when I’m spitting/
Make my activism enforce my lyricism/
This ain’t only ’bout the girls though/
It’s bout stopping terrorism, it’s been on for a while bro/
Heard our military is the largest in Africa/
And Boko Haram? Smallest terrorist group ever/
So why we gotta bring the US troops/
The French, the British and the Israeli too/
It simply means that we ain’t capable/
Tears drop on this page while I scribble through/
I feel ashamed but right now it doesn’t matter/
What matters they bring our girls back so we scream hallelujah/
I sympathize with the families affected/
No rapid response, our government neglects it/
To be honest, I’m sick of this/
This rescue missions don’t come for free, it’s oil business/
It’s bout time I put my pen down/
Face the music if you don’t bring back our girls now/