LECHEROUS JOURNAL: Episode 17 …script’d by BigDan

Lecherous Journal Artwork ...by BigDan | AceWorldTeam.com

Lecherous Journal Artwork ...by BigDan | AceWorldTeam.com


I approached the hotel room door with caution, gave 3 ramps on it and rested my elbow on the wall before it.

I could hear Tolu drag her feet lazily towards it as she asked, “Who’s it?

I replied with a weak smile on my face, “Room service, ma’am.

She turned the keys and opened the door for me as she said the words, “Naughty you.

I walked into the room, shut the door behind me with my right leg and grabbed her from behind quickly before she could make for the bed.

Leave me jor.” She uttered out weakly.

I could tell she had a weak frown on her face even without seeing it; I slowly took my mouth to her right ear, let out a warm breathe close to it and whispered slowly into her ear, “Don’t you just love it when you anticipate me a little longer?

She tried replying me but the tingles my tongue made in her ear had her moaning her reply which I could make nothing off; I moved my hands over her breast, cupped them with my palms and I could feel her nipples wake up – in a haste, they were firm as I had always remembered, quick to respond whenever I wanted. I fondled on her b**bs which didn’t do a good job of hiding behind her clothe; my thumb and index finger made a swift drag over her tits and in no time, her nipples were the victim. She tilted her head backwards towards my left shoulder blade as I pushed my head forward and rested them on her right shoulder; she let out a sigh via her parted lips and I knew it was time to tease her nape.

As I kissed the side of her neck and dragged my wet tongue all the way to it’s back, she dug her nails into the thigh of my jean and moaned out the words, “Oh god, I miss you.

I moved my mouth up to her ear again and filtered into it seductively, “I know my goddess, I like it when you call me god.

She laughed inwards as I turned her around to face me, looked deep into her eyes and I could see her pupils search for the unknown in my eyes. Her face looked like she had dozed off earlier, yet still beautiful; I inched my lips towards hers, she closed her eyes and arched hers to meet my lips – I stopped before they did and kept staring at her face; she was in my world now. She inched further more upon the delay and when nothing happened, she opened her eyes; confused, yet shy and looked me with puzzlement written all over her face. My body ached for hers, but my mind seemed to be in control today; I wanted to submit to my body urge but my mind kept reminding me – don’t ruin the plan.

She was a little confused, she kept staring at me, looking lifeless like an animal during winter; she had no idea why I paused. “What’s the matter?” She asked.

…I smiled


Akin was at Jide‘s video shoot; he was dressed simply in his AceWorldTEAM-printed white shirt and a white Sean John track suit – trouser and jacket. He sat about 3-feet from the beach’s shore blowing his smoke into the cool breeze of the night; he had been working all evening to make Day 1 of the video shoot a success that he needed the break. If only Abiodun was here, my work would have been lighter, he thought to himself; he sure was exhausted from the excess workload he had undergone. His mind was clouded with different thoughts, the unavailability of the lead vixen; he had solely wished he didn’t listen to Jide on that aspect – Jide had fully convinced him that he wanted his cousin playing the part.

She’s a half-cast. She’ll fit in perfectly. She’s based in Manchester but she’ll be coming down for my shoot. She’s a professional video vixen – you’ll like her boss, she’s the one mehn, and so on.” Those were Jide‘s persuasive words to Akin on making his cousin the perfect model for the role.

I should not have listened to him and employed the services of the role model I wanted.Akin was a little lost in his firm of imposing power on his artistes. “And what the f**k is so urgent that Abiodun couldn’t make the video shoot today? It’s high time I cut off the slacks of friendship with these pals and apply fore-hand professionalism into place.

One of the video vixens who had played her 1st scene in the shoot walked up to Akin and settled herself beside him, “Sorry, do you mind if I join you?

Akin was lost in thought that it had to take her tapping on his lap to bring him back to reality. “Can I join you please?” She spoke a 2nd time.

Sure“, was all Akin did reply as he regained consciousness of the environ he was in. He was much more uninterested in what she had to say or offer, he just wanted his break; alone.

She stretched her right index finger pointing to the pack of Dunhill Switch Akin had placed withing his torso, his custom earned BIC lighter sitting over the packet. Only from her latest gesture did Akin realize he could do with her company, he loved girls who smoked and detest girls who preach a lot about the consequences of a cigarette.

Her eyes glued to the packet for a while and later shifting to Akin‘s face as he spoke, “You can have them if you are rest assured you won’t have your hand coming in contact with my thigh or the big man between them.

She smiled as she replied, “Oh please – what a condition, just pass them, I’m freaking cold.

Akin moved his laps over the items, her face went pale he could see. He then pulled off his jacket and covered her with it. “Hope you don’t mind, this should keep you warm.

She couldn’t believe his actions. “Wow! Thanks, but I’ll still need those items hiding beneath your legs to keep warm“, she replied.

It was Akin‘s 2nd smile for the night and he sure was enjoying this disturbance. “Which of the items, ‘cos the only thing I know between my legs is my d**k.” He retorted part-serious and part-joking.


I had always awarded Akin with his uniqueness in being blunt with girls; I’m the all gentleman type, always hitting the feelings note like a blind pianist. “Oh, you’re too quite; Oh, you hardly talk; Oh, you’re too nice; Damn, you hardly find a fault.” These are a few of the queries I receive from girls for being good, but all that was about to change. F**k love-making tonight. I emptied my pockets of it’s content onto the table that was sited in the fore-front of the room – 3 bulk of cash I had carefully wrapped within a rubber band – all cylindrical, Gangster Dashboard Guap style – some loose change, my neatly folded ear-piece and my Mp3 Shuffle. My back pocket had housed just my wallet; another Akin-influenced antics – I hated wallets. I quickly knocked off my sneaks, pulled my socks and jean down till my lower half was strip naked with just my boxer on; I approached Tolu who was already seated on the edge of the bed.

I pulled down my Pelly Cole, placed my hands on her head and uttered harshly to her, “Kneel down and worship my c**k“. A little confused yet submissive, she got got on her kneels as I shoved my d**k into her mouth without hesitation and had her gagging it. Holding tightly to her hair, I shouted at her, “Deeper! Show me how naughty a goddess you are…

She let out a gasp holding onto my penis with her 2 palms…

Too big for a goddess?” I expected no reply but she managed to shake her head sideways as she deep-throated a little more further. F**k, I loved it. I didn’t care if she did. I saw her breast juggle back-and-forth within her see-through gown from the intensity of her velocity on my cock and I quickly shouted, “Faster…


Not everyone understands a quote, and not every quote is understood by everyone. That you understand this quote doesn’t mean that this quote is understood by everyone.” – BigDan


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