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As the bus pulled over at the final bus-stop [Fadeyi] and passengers began to rise to alight, I tapped her shoulder, leaned forward and whispered in her face, “can I get a follow back?

She looked me in my eyes perplexed and said, “so it’s you? Silly.

We walked towards the back door of the BRT and just as she wanted to climb down the bus, I held her hand and asked, “hope you don’t mind?” as I helped her down carefully. The gentle-man trick I had once used again – they always pay off.

Thank you“, she said, as we both reached ground and smiled.

She made for the overhead bridge in fast strides, that sure meant the end of our short conversation and drama. I moved up a little closer and said, “just before you run away from me, can I at least know your name – my name is …

And just before I could finish up my own name, she replied smartly, “Abiodun, you are a writer.

A little flabbergasted, I replied her, “how’d you know that?

She slowed her pace as I caught up with her and she smiled looking me in the face in a flash. “Too much info on your bio“.

Wow” was all I could say as she went on.

I also know you are heading to the same place as I am, got that from your timeline when you tweeted – Ozone Cinema in a bit.

I just had to cut her short before she reveals furthermore. “Okay! Someone sure outsmarted me by doing her homework well. If we’re heading the same way, then your next fee is on me for a job well done.

She stopped and stared at me really hard without saying a thing, then she said, “deal! But we’re taking a cab.

I smiled at her and said, “I still don’t know your name.


Abiodun dipped his head through the driver’s window and negotiated the cab fee. As the driver agreed to his fee, he pulled back, opened the back door for Kate and let her go in first, then he turned around to let himself through the other back door.

[The Cab]
So you’re heading to Ozone to watch a movie alone?” Abiodun asked her as the 2face Idibia‘s “Rainbow Remix“, featuring T-Pain was blasting through the cab’s stereo.

Nah! A friend of mine invited me late to join her at the cinema, said she’s meeting with her ex and she’s a little nervous. So, she needed my company to get herself on feet.

I was shocked at her reply – could she be talking about the same person I was off to meet?

What’s her name?” I asked her.

Toluwhy’re you interested in knowing her?

And right there, I lost words as my mind travelled away briefly.

Abiodun, you alright?Kate said as she tapped me back to consciousness.

Oh yeah, sorry I got carried away.” I replied her.

I know trouble when I see one, what’s troubling you?

Nothing really, I …

Kate interrupted me before I could complete my statement. “Don’t lie to me, do you lie to girls on your first date?

At the mention of the words, lie and first date, I lost it again; but this wasn’t a date, is she trying to hook up with me? Does it mean she likes me already? Of course, I’m charming, girls always like me. But she’s Tolu‘s friend, could it be my Tolu? Girls trouble again? I better clear my head off them.
The loud ring from her phone broke the unusual silence between us as she did hit the green button to receive her call. While buried in her conversation, I pulled out my phone and read through my pings, most of them were broadcast messages by some dumb bloggers on my list; it wasn’t like I hated them or something, but the mediocrity of sending out every link to everything published on the site everytime was sure an act of foolishness. Wisdom should be applied to the rate at which broadcast messages are been sent; I heard myself let out a big sigh as I deleted the last message and ignored my other notifications.

“I’m sorry, I’ll wait for you till the movie is over.Kate dropped her phone by her side and wore a not-too-happy look on her face.

What’s wrong?” I asked her. She stayed quiet for a few seconds and later spoke up.

I’m late, she’s in already, watching the movie.

Oh, sorry dear. You can watch another movie right?” I said in an attempt to make her feel better.

It’s not about the movie, she wanted me close to her because of her ex. She’s confused if she should take him back.

Instantly it occurred to me, if her friend is Tolu, and she’s already watching a movie with her ex, then it definitely wasn’t my Tolu. I had a smile on my face now as I adjusted my seat, turned towards Kate and held her hand.

You sure have tried, I’m sure she’ll understand.” With her palm in my palm, I pulled her closer as she rested her head on my shoulder. She sure felt bad about not making it on time to the cinema. I held her closely towards me with my other hand and told her not to worry herself, then I joked about popcorn, soda, pictures and different things she could do while waiting for her friend to be done with her movie. She laughed, giggled, smiled and even punched me sometimes when I say something really funny or not; as we enjoyed the rest of the ride to our destination, I looked down at Kate on my shoulder and I thought to myself, “Abiodun, them use woman swear for you ni?”


As the cab pulled over a stone’s throw from the cinema [I had requested it pull over there as I hated the attention of head turning and eyes staring at who just arrived in a cab with an eye-catching girl to the cinema], I quickly came down and moved to the other side to open the door for Kate.

She smiled and said to me. “Thank you, but this your gentle-man life doesn’t work in Naija o.

I shut the door and smiled at her as I gestured a bow arched my hand in half an Akimbo to receive hers; she laughed again as she hooked her hand with mine and we walked up to the plaza.

[In Ozone]
Elevator or escalator?” I asked Kate.

Escalator, please.” As we made our way through the MTN stall to the escalator, the plaza was filled with all sort of people; majorly populated with teenagers. The escalator took us up the 1st floor where I got mash mellows for myself and Kate got herself a cup of vanilla and strawberry combo ice-cream.

So what do we do next?” I asked her.

She shrugged and said “I don’t know, I’m just gon’ sit somewhere and wait for Tolu and her ex.

Instantly I proposed to her an idea. “We just can’t sit here idle. I know a good and quiet place on the other side; we could sit and have a drink there. What you think?

Like I’ve got a choice?” She said.

You’ve always got a choice dear.” I said to her as I winked.

We made our way out of the plaza and crossed over to the other side; Tolu was supposed to meet me here for a movie before we retire to an hotel for the night but right now, all I care about is Kate. If only Kate knew where we were headed. A venue I have nicked Dark Side because of the dark room – a place where I had over and over again, carried out erotic activities, sexual games and much more of the likes. A room where Tolu was well familiar with, for in this room have Tolu and I kissed several times, had her given me a blow-job, had I stimulated her clitoris with my fingers, her boobs had enjoyed directed moisture of the air-condition and my lips. The good thing about this Dark Side is … It’s the VIP of a bar and unless the door was opened for light to streak in from the regular bar, seeing what’s directly in-front of you remains really hard. Would Kate survive in Dark Side? I smiled to myself as I approached the bar on Church Street; the aroma of kebab, grilled meat, sauce in hot oil and lots more welcomed Kate and I as we stepped into the bar.


Can’t make the scene if you don’t have the green.” – The Mask


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