LOVE _ Revelation of it's Birth & Gimmicks ...writt'n by Ace Nobis Artwork |

LOVE _ Revelation of it's Birth & Gimmicks ...writt'n by Ace Nobis Artwork |

LOVE: Revelation of it’s Birth & Gimmicks …writt’n by Ace Nobis

Valentine’s Day is and we’re very much into the hours of the anticipated annual celebration, I’m sitting beside my porch meditating on the events that always unfold at this time of the year – February, the 14th. All around the world with no exception to Nigeria, the word on the street is “love is in the air” and it is a tradition that it must be accompanied with buying of gifts and it’s presentation to the object of admiration/loved one as soon as the opportunity shows itself with the purpose of conveying to the recipient that he/she is special.

Loved Ones?

Really! How did the loved one become? I am of the school of thought that “love undergoes some form of metamorphosis before it comes into being.” Most people are of the opinion that “love is a force that comes upon one on natural terms” but I strongly believe it’s more of a transition than the former. My question goes thus, “is love more of an architect or a mere transference [a process in Psychoanalysis whereby a human unconsciously directs feelings about something to another human] on natural terms?

Still seated at the porch – either I fell into a dream or a trance, I have no idea; one thing was certain, I had drifted far away from my environs into my subconscious where I saw a figure surrounded by a halo approach me from a distance crawling on the ground with sluggish steps – I was taken aback tentative to come within the reach of this figure but the continuous sobbing and cry of help made me draw near to render aid to this total stranger. I approached with caution; one cannot be too careful this days. With my forearm extended, I tried helping him up to his feet but I glanced at the manner at which he clenched his fist and gnashed his teeth, I could tell he was severely injured. Looking at his back, it was haemorrhaging all over, badly pierced and laced with holes judging from the wound patterns, it was easy to deduce the damage that was inflicted could only have come from fired arrows. Still wondering what happened to him, I half-carried/half-dragged my new acquaintance all the way home. I gently eased him on my bed, raised his upper limb by supporting his neck with a pillow; he had asked for water, so I went out to get him some in a glass mixed with glucose. As he sipped my concoction, I tended to his wounds; he made a gesture to speak but I held him back and from the look in his eyes, I could tell he had a lot on his mind to divulge to me in spoken words. He smiled at me and muttered, “thank you”, but before I could reply in courtesy to his words, he had fallen fast asleep so I mumbled the words, “don’t mention, it’s nothing”, to no one in particular except the surrounding air and exited the room. I stepped back in to the room about half an hour later and in my hands, was a bowl of Kellogg’s All Bran but to my utmost surprise, he was fully awake and seated at the edge of the bed lost in thought. I served him his cereal as I eased my lanky frame into an arm-chair and sat opposite him then I initiated a greeting with the nodding of the head which he replied by doing same. Not wanting to be a bother to him just yet, I tarried while he ate in silence; I then proceeded to engage my new acquaintance in a conversation to inquire what went down and how he got into the strange circumstance in which I had found him.


Ace: Hello, how are you feeling?

****: Am good, I feel much better now. Thanks to you my friend.

I raised a brow, he regarded me as a friend – I shrugged thought for a moment on his last words, then I focused back at his face, feigned a wry smile then I inquired…

Ace: What happened to you?

Looking at me he said…

****: I got a lot to say to you pal, all I want is your undivided attention. Promise me that you would lend me your ears.

Ace: I really don’t know what you have to say to me but I am not making no promises, just get on with what is laden in your mind.

****: “I want your word!” he exclaimed.

I contemplated hard on who this stranger was up in my crib with a tone of command in his vocals but on second thought, I was the one who offered to help him without no coercion or external force plus I also doubled as the person who brought him home so am stuck with this and I have to see it to the end.

Ace: “I give you my word.” I echoed.

Even though we had been chatting for some minutes, truth be told there was something about this devilishly handsome-looking dude that I like; in addition, I noticed that there was no longer tension between us, it had dissipated. Unlike some minutes back, where I was being cautious about having a total stranger at my place, we were actually having a chat like real friends do. I could also sense that he wanted to confide in me so I leaned forward in my chair brimming with attention.

****: To whom do I owe this hospitality – what’s your name if I may ask?

Oh! We had been at it for some minutes and truly, I don’t even know this guy by name; he was proficient with the use of English and it’s diction, his aura exuded both charm and charisma and his soft tone of voice coupled with his air of confidence had tell-tales written all over that he had a way with the opposite sex which got me more confused. Who was this dude anyway?

Ace: My name is Ace Nobis.

****: *giggling* Are those your real names?

Ace: You’re so funny, of course not. [I revealed my real names]

****: Okay then, guess I’ll just call you Ace.

Ace: And yours?

****: *lol* Even if I told you, would you believe me?

He showed a little sign of hesitation, then went mute. In my mind, I be like, why was he with-holding an information as trivial as a name? Dude, I didn’t ask for your Social Security Number, I thought to myself. Then came this aura of melancholy around him which I’m accustomed to as I often get into those moods myself so it didn’t bother me; I just hope it didn’t take too him long to return to the real world, I was beginning to connect to this stranger, somehow, I felt I could get to identify with him.

I probed but this time with an air of assurance…

Ace: What is your name my friend?

****: *looking up, he smiled* My name is Love.

Ace: *shocked* Love?! What do you mean? I didn’t get that.

****: *laughing* I told you earlier that you wouldn’t believe me if I said it, but that is my real name.

His confidence and the look on his face revealed that he wasn’t lying; he was actually saying the truth – that was his real name!

Ace: *in bewilderment* No way! You got to be kidding me … are you?!

As the seconds on the wall clock in my bedroom ticked continuously, so did I get more confused with each passing moments.

Love: *nodding* Yes, I am. My name is Love; the powerful force that rules the entire universe, the one that creeps into the hearts of all humans even before they are well aware of it, harbinger of sleepless nights.

With bold proclamation and glee on his face he rolled out his accolades as he hailed and chanted away in self praise, he went on and on. Still in awe, I looked at him, Love was sure too noisy for a human, then I leaned back on the chair and it dawned on me that the person whom I rescued couple of hours back was no other than Love himself! I must really feel like one of the live audience on the set of 106 & Park right now. At first, I felt in high spirits that I had Love up in my dome as a guest but then came this awkward thought – this was the same guy that made my life miserable some couple of years back. I could actually seize him, beat him up, gag and tie him up in a body bag depriving him of food, air and water, leaving him to rot and die thereby getting back my revenge for what he did by leaving me despondent a couple of years back. Good thing was that no one saw him come in to my house – I would make his demise a long and painful one; I would be doing the world and the human race a huge favour if he was gone permanently, I would be a hero. Imagine a world without love in it to haunt the periphery of the human existence in reality; think about how the world would be without him – no more heartaches, heartbreaks, pain, tears, resentment to another person, tension, sleepless nights, migraine, loss of appetite, lassitude, weariness e.t.c – all the manifestations he brings along, all gone.

For real, I’ma kill this dude called Love, but first, I need to listen to what he has say. Payback is a go.

Love: *snapping his fingers* Ace, are you here?

Ace: *I only he had the slightest idea of the thoughts coursing through my head* Yes, I am.

Love: You seem lost in thought?!

Ace: Not really, can I get you a drink?

Love: Sure.

I came back with 2 bottles of Corona Extra.

Ace: Who did this to you? Your wounds I mean.

Love: *he smiled, then pointed* Look behind you.

I glanced over my shoulders – there he was floating in mid-air diminutive, chubby, unclad with wings on his back was a quiver stacked with arrows, he drew back on his bow which was already loaded – with his dexterity on the weapon, it was obvious that our new guest was skilled in archery. I was lost in thought, this description fits a creature I have come across only in books, could it be? What a day I was having; first, I met Love, now, Cupid shows his face. I looked back up his bow still pointed towards my direction.

Ace: Still shooting poisoned arrows, after all this years, I thought your aim should have waned? *I boldly asked Cupid*

Cupid: No, Ace, I get better by the second.

Ace: You know my name?

Cupid: I know everyone by their real names and nicknames.

Ace: Why is that thing pointed at me? *I asked calmly*

Cupid: Thought you needed a shot.

Ace: Away with your indiscriminate shooting, Cupid.

Cupid: Watch your back Ace, I’ll be back for you.

With a hard look at his servant, Cupid vanished out of sight.

I leaned towards Love and punched him in the jaw.

Love: What was that for?

Ace: Settle things with your master, don’t get me involved.

I punched him again.

Love: And that one? he asked

Ace: Retribution.

We both laughed.

Love: Contrary to what general folks think or presume about me, truth be told, I just don’t creep into the heart with the aim of in-habitation; there are some sets of principles and schemes that humans activate which makes me override my initial choice and forces my hand to opt my final destinations. That’s the main reason why my master [Cupid] is always cross with my actions when I go against his orders – his indiscriminate shooting of love arrows and selection of random targets sometimes don’t go down well with me. In the end, I decide on where I want to go despite the consequences that await me. It is not my fault, it’s my genetic make-up; it’s in my DNA. Times without number, object K takes a liking to object D; they have been with each other for a couple of months, object D in return starts to reciprocate the affection bestowed by object K – everything seems normal. Suddenly object X enters into the fray and in no time, object D changes both lane and directional bearings from object K into the the hands of object X and makes the switch permanent. So tell me Ace, what did object X do to hold the attention and capture the heart of object D that object X bypassed unintentionally?

I motioned to speak but no words escaped my pursed lips.

Love: You know I feel insulted or slighted when humans assume that I, one of the most powerful forces of nature can’t make my own decisions; the worst of it all is the acronym, “love is blind” – what do earthlings take me for?

*Looking at me*

Love: Look at you; you are tall and light-colored in complexion – I’m pretty sure the height was derived from the genes of your dad and the skin tone from your mom. Am I right?

Ace: I totally agree.

Love: So if humans had progenitors, what makes me different?

Ace: *I stared hard* You have parents?! I exclaimed.

Love: *smiling* Nobody ever asked – do I have the semblance of an orphan?

Ace: *shocked* How can that be? That’s a joke, impossible [I gestured with hand movements].

Love: This is no joke pal – I am an embodiment of natural birth [crossing of an egg and sperm] just like all humans.

Let me give you an account of my birth…

…..Long time ago on Mt. Olympus, the gods were having a feast – Zeus, Hades, Ares, Athena, Helios, Hermes, Poseidon, Hephaestus e.t.c were all in attendance. Both the higher and lesser gods, all present, celebrating the double – their victory over Gaia & The Rebellious Titans and the birth of Aphrodite.

My mother, a gypsy and beggar was roaming the streets looking for alms, her sandals torn, her hair unkempt, her clothes worn out and had this peculiar smell that made everyone stay away from her. She was homeless, had a nomadic habit and was always sorting ways to improve her drab lifestyle by any means possible. Other citizens of Greece despised her and she was not allowed a place among the common people. She would cry her eyes out on numerous occasions and vowed that a day would come when people would come to revere her and her seed.

On that fateful day, she happened across the gates of Mt. Olympus the aroma of food and wine from within the gates was a reminder that she had not tasted anything for 3 days; she thought to herself, how could she gain entry to the premises? Back then, Mt. Olympus granted entry solely for the gods of Greece, no human of natural birth was granted access; it would mean the death penalty and Zeus [god of the Sky & Lightning] and leader of the gods was a violent one – his punishment even towards fellow gods were brutal and severe, his anger unabated. Imagine the immense punishment to a mere mortal as herself. But my mother undaunted by consequences had her mind made up, then resolved that that night she was going to put an end to all her sufferings even if it leads to her death; she would rather journey towards the gates of Acheron than live one more day in shame.”

Oh! By the way, my mother’s name was Poverty.

Ace: *my ears twitched, this story was getting really interesting*

Love continued…

…In the garden of Zeus far away from the feasting grounds, my mother saw a lesser god snoring beside a fountain of the statue of Athena; from his sleeping posture, he was intoxicated from consuming too much nectar [wine of the gods]. 32 years of begging for alms had transformed my mother’s psyche from an easy-goer to a desperate woman; somehow, she found her way into the garden of Zeus and proceeded with her plan.”

Ace: *listening with rapt attention, I asked him* What was your mother scheming?

Love: I admire your patience but your analytic mind always seeks answers, I’m getting to that part.

He went on…

My mother, thinking to alleviate her wretched condition lay with my father without his knowledge; in other words, my mother took advantage of my drunken father. After the act, she satisfied her hunger from the left-overs of the food my father ate then she vacated the premises. She came back 6 months later to report to Zeus that one of the gods was responsible for her protruded belly; all the while, my father, Contrivance [god of Invention & Witty Knowledge] had no idea of what transpired on that night; there was an uproar among the gods, Zeus laid his hands on the belly of my mother and he confirmed that in due time, Poverty was to bear the child of a god. Zeus was furious, he banned my father from the courts of the gods and from Mt. Olympus – a punishment for a deed my father knew nothing about; he [Contrivance], a former exalted god would lose his rightful place among them and walk in the abode of mortals. He was never to set his foot on Mt. Olympus for good. He dwelled among the human race and that was how things were discovered and created; even after many centuries, till present date it was said that if a human achieved an impossible feat or discovery in the field of science or any other field, it was said he had the spirit of Contrivance. My mom on the other hand was banished from Greece and Zeus cast her down to earth to live among humans where I was birthed. Hence, I Love possess both traits of my mom [Poverty] and dad [Contrivance]; that’s why I scheme before I take my place in any human heart because I have a preference to.”


I faded back into consciousness back at the porch where I had drifted to sleep at first flight; did I just have a tête-à-tête with love?! Damn! There was no time for Q&A’s, I had to go right back to the dream, I had unfinished business – I tried, but sleep never came. I get it now – all this disclosure were the same exact notion I always had about love; it doesn’t just come upon an individual, some set of gimmicks must have taken place. Hmmm. It all makes sense now; to me now, Love was born on the day of Aphrodite, so it prefers the beautiful instead of the drab, having Contrivance as a father and Poverty as a mother -no wonder he has the following characteristics:

From his mom; he is always poor, far from being sensitive and beautiful as most people think, he is cruel due to exposure to hard life, in pain, can endure hardship, crying most times, weather-beaten, always sleeping out for want of bed, on the doorsteps, on the grounds, in the streets, never satisfied.

As his father’s son, always inventing new designs to get in and stay at a location where the pasture is green, always carried away by the lure of the exotic, keeping for himself only the things that are good and readily jumps at the one that seems better than the present – bold, confident, difficult to comprehend, and devising new set of elaborate plans because the more the fabulous, intricate and inclusive the design, the higher the bidder.

Love is never the same for 2 individuals because stability in terms of humans are not the same level, in addition every human has a limit to threshold pain; this means that there is a summit one gets to during the course of love that the pain gets unbearable – the first available decision is to opt out. At this junction, a more stable person would endure the pain, tension and anxiety that love and it’s acquaintances bring to the table, then decides to be patient to see if it pays off – most times, it works, then the happiness it brings overrides the urge to leave in the first place and it’s release, bonds the individual deeper. The less stable person is not hard to figure out; at first occurrence of hurting, they are already at their limit, search for the nearest exit then jettison the relationship. So it means the mental make-up of a human is also a pre-determining factor to love, staying on track with these, I can boldly infer that the person[s] that can actually extend love to another is a more stable individual. One of the facts of love that was never disclosed is that “love must bring forth great PAIN”, so it’s not unusual that the mind begins to play it’s own games on how the same individual who brings both happiness and joy be the same source of unbearable pain. Conclusions are made quickly, maybe he/she is waning in interest, lassitude has set in, he/she is taking me for granted, maybe he is seeing someone other than me – slowly, the mind is poisoned and hatred seeps in ready to sever the threads that love has spun.

Love also chooses initial connection between 2 people – humans have a preference to a beautiful face, proficiency in speech, taste in fashion, garb and gait, height, successful people e.t.c. They say “love is blind”; really? Then show me. Love does not just cement a place on it’s own accord; it has it’s own set of rules that are constant and as soon as they are in place, then it [Love] would gladly pitch it’s tent.

Am I saying that true love does not exist? Don’t misinterpret me, it does but taking into reflection, most people have consented to loving the other party probably because of specific gains or favours which is not specific to a gender [it affect both sexes], so either it’s “love at first sight” or “love after personal gains“, in the end, Love was birthed – the only difference was in the former, it was natural while in the latter it was forged. Even history has proved that as time creeps by, “a counterfeit may actually look a lot like and best the original after many appraisals.” If love was that magnificent then it should, on natural conditions be unperturbed with the lure of the exotic. Finally, to buttress my point let’s take a quick practical example of 2 sets of couples and the scenario that transpired on Valentine’s Day.

First Couple
A girl goes out with her boyfriend, they have been dating for 9 months but this is their first Valentine together – he is the real man [the one who she shares her thoughts with, the one who is able to reach the depths of her emotion, igniting them and brings them to the surface. In his world, he feels safe and finds happiness] but he didn’t give her any gifts or take her out to somewhere nice.

Second Couple
Another girl out with a new guy she met 3 weeks to Valentine’s Day, he is the provider [he is the man who showers a female with gift items, gives her mad trips to exotic places, buys her cool stuffs, takes her out…] and with him she had a fun day then he dropped her at home, even her girlfriends were in awe of the ostentatious gifts.

What happens next?
Simple, no need to elaborate on this one.

The first example is how love is diminished while the second is how love comes into being and pitches it’s tent; permanently in the place of the exotic.

Shout out to BigDan – scripting an episode each week dating back from January to run all through till December on your “Lecherous Journal“, was the driving force to inscribe this manuscript.

To DJ Sean, the vanguard of AceWorldTEAMArrigato, Toh San.

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