LECHEROUS JOURNAL: Episode 5 …script’d by BigDan

Lecherous Journal Artwork ...by BigDan | AceWorldTeam.com

Lecherous Journal Artwork ...by BigDan | AceWorldTeam.com


I could tell from the look on Jide‘s face that he was bewildered. “You mean to tell me that our manager, Akin, got down with … wetin be her name again sef?

Judith“, I quickly replied. “I asked him but you know how he acts nah, he refused to tell me anything.

Jide was laughing really hard now as he spilled his drink on the table and I hurriedly dashed for my phones and other belongings. “You don high ni?” I said to him as we both kept laughing.

Ah! Akin na coded guy, he no go gree talk.

We both looked over to the table he was seated, he was deep in a cheerful conversation with the anonymous lady.

See as he dey smile with the girl, ask am wetin dem dey talk later and he go tell you say na business“. I said.

Jide laughed so hard that he almost fell off his chair.

As the waitress passed us by I quickly beckoned to her and placed an order for a water-pipe of Shisha. “I’d like a lot of Mu’assel please.” I told the waitress.

Sorry sir, what’s mossel?” She wore a shy expression as she replied me.

Oh! Shisha tobacco, and please give that lady a bottle of what she’s drinking“, as I pointed over to the table where Akin was seated.

The waitress walked away after jotting down my order. I watched her walk over to the next table with my eyes fixed on her a**; Jide tapped the table to bring me back to my consciousness of the present. “You too like young young girls.” he said.

Mehn! Nothing like young girl again o, your cousin is 14 and she’s all ripe like a woman.” I quickly defended myself.

Your sister nko? Na me go still marry am.” He replied almost immediately if not for the cup between his lips.

But wait o … I sure say Judith and … Susan abi?

Yes.” I replied.

I sure say them be small girls.

Pretty young.” I replied. “Susan said she’ll be 18 next month and I’m positive her friend Judith is older, but barely 19.

All these small girls sef, make I gist you wetin happen between me and that Fatima girl wey I been dey date back then for airport when I dey do IT.

I knew this was going to be an interesting tale, I quickly moved my belongings back on the dry part of the table as I uttered the words – “Fatima, big bobby? Oya na! Leggo.

Fatima and I had fixed a rendezvous at her place few days after we finished our internship. She no fit hold body again nah! As per say konji na bastard. Na so she say make I come over that faithful day o … Mehn! See wetin happen next.

[Jide’s Story]

The gate to Fatima‘s crib was locked on the inside, no dogs I hope, he prayed inside. He dialled Fatima‘s number, better to call than to knock.

I’m at your gate madam.” He said into the phone’s mouth piece. “Ok“, was all he heard followed by a beep tone.

After waiting a few, he heard footsteps, the gate latch drawn back swung a rectangular section of the enormous metallic barrier open.

Brother Jide, right?” The young girl in a tattered denim bum short and a white/black patterned jumper top asked with excitement on her face. Jide couldn’t help but smile. “Yewande? Wow, didn’t know you were this big.

Together, they walked into the sitting room and Jide made himself comfortable on the settee. “Where’s Fatima?” He asked while staring at Yewande‘s butt; she was fully grown for a teen at 16. She turned round after putting on the television and smiled at Jide. “She quickly stepped out, she’ll be back soon.

Yewande had frequently said hello and held conversations with Jide when he called or Fatima did. Fatima always spoke of Yewande as her favorite cousin and they stay together. The only information Jide hadn’t known about Yewande was that she had grown fond of him and had began crushing on him.

Brother Jide, brother Jide.” She called out to him and gave a quick wink as she walked into the kitchen.

Jide stood up from the couch and walked into the kitchen, opened the fridge and just peered into it. “Who owns the Sprite?” He asked Yewande.

It’s mine o.” she replied almost immediately.

He grabbed the bottle of Sprite from the fridge and said to her, “I’ll buy you another one, I need a cold drink.

Oya pay me now“, she said as she stretched out her right palm and looked away.

He held her palm, turned it over and kissed her back palm. She quivered, he smiled…

Taking a giant gulp from the bottle and placing it on the fridge, “why were you calling me dear?” He asked her. Shyness clothed her face and he could see it. She buried her head and said in a low voice, “I wanted you to help me fix the gas.

Oh! Come let me show you how it’s done in case of next time.” He pulled her along to the cylinder, held her hand over the release knob, stationed his right thumb over hers as her palm rested on the cylinder head. “Press and pull out.” And the cylinder fitting was off the cylinder as he said the words and carried out the action using her hand.

Simple, right?” He asked as she turned around to give him a reply, only for her eyes to meet with his and there she stood, dumbstruck and still.

She swallowed saliva, bit on her lower lips.

Unhurriedly, Jide removed his right hand from his jean pocket and made for her hair. Holding the back of her head and stroking her hair gently, eyes locked on hers, Yewande moved her lips slowly towards his and as he buried his head to meet her lips halfway…


Jide stopped narrating his story and fixed his eyes on what was happening around Akin.

I was impatient. “Dude, continue, what happened next?

Jide gestured to me chill as he pointed over towards Akin‘s direction. I tilted a little to see what had caught his attention. Jaw dropped – if the 2 new super hot girls who had joined Akin and the anonymous lady was what had caught Jide‘s interest, then what would be their reaction if they get to know that the girl I met on Thursday, dreamt about on Friday and can’t seem to take my mind off lately, is Vivian and she’s sitting right opposite Akin.


“Love has always been defined as a feeling, but no one ever made reference to time; The Moment.” – BigDan


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