Omari - THE OTHER WAY Artwork |

Omari - THE OTHER WAY Artwork |

Following the release of “Zion’s Daughter“, Omari drops a brand new self-produced track titled “The Other Way“; he’s set to release his 1st project, “Rap Is Deep, Poetry Is Deeper” EP sometime during the 1st quarter of the year. | ENJOY!!!


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Verse 1
This is not a dream, this is a nightmare
What you gonna do when your sin don’t fight fair?
No competition, I don’t got a microphone peer
Get in in my own, this that boy “you don’t belong here”
Long hair woman got me thinking what is wrong here
Everybody see me, think he perfect, he not from here
Where I’m tryna run from, everybody wanna come there
Land of lusty thoughts, nahh you don’t wanna go there
I’m a broken man, I’m just tryna get a quick fix
Everybody watching like a homie was on Netflix
Everything they say I got, still be on my wish list
God opens doors, I’m just tryna find the exit
Fighting for my sanity, devil wanna smother me
Sin wanna murder me, everybody follow me
Boy I’m needing salary, music is no longer free
Jesus please comfort me,
and bring my momma back to me
Bad man, where ya wan go?
Were ya wan turn?
Me I dun know
Show me the way, me na wan miss the way
Show me tha cross like it’s Easter Day

Devil wants to take my soul away
Me don’t wanna go the other way
I’m gonna lift my hand and pray
I’mma thank Jah for amazing grace

I’mma thank Jah for amazing grace
I’mma thank Jah for amazing grace
Me no wanna go the other way
I’mma thank Jah for amazing grace

Verse 2
Badman Omari, watagwan.
Heart clean, only Jah can judge a man
Me na wan smoke, tell em keep tha ganja man.
Dem finna hear you, Streets call em badder man
What’s the price of life, I’m sitting here thinking bout the afterlife
Thinking will I go to heaven if I died tonight?
Thinking do they only love me when I grab the mic?
Who gone love me when it’s stormy, Hug ,me, hold me tight
Cry with me, wipe my tears and tell me it’s alright?
Now the girls say they love me, I know women lie
And the boys say they behind me, all I see is knives
Everyday another struggle, I gotta survive
I gotta be strong, strive for eternal life
Menace on the mic, but I be crying on these lonely nights
Looking for vision in a world filled with empty sights
Battling my flesh and sin, boy I gotta win
Boy this ain’t a game, men beware of sin
I’m on the narrow path and it’s got sharp bends
Blessed be the man who endures till the end
I’m going all out, like a substitute
They say they ball, homie we ball out, it’s nothing new
Life is a duel, devil don’t play by the rules
So Keep your eyes on Jesus, ain’t no way you gone loose

Look up to the rising son, look at the horizon
Sorrow don’t last for long, joy finna come at dawn