Poetic Justice [Take A Break] …script’d by Big Dan


Poetic Justice

A fatal attraction is common, and what we have common is pain…” – Kendrick Lamar

All I wanted was a love story that would have any of the following endings – “To God Be The Glory” OR “And They Lived Forever Happily After“. Well, I guess you know what the 3rd available ending would be if it wasn’t any of the above mentioned. This could have been better for the ears, rather than the eyes but either you’re reluctant to hear it or you just prefer to put your eyes to work before hitting the land of dreams.

Pretty obvious over time, say months, spread over the length of “almost another birthday” duration, it’s been a “dangling experience” for us. Either you or I can’t categorically pin-point what and where the “leakings” are coming from, but we’ve acted like amateur plumbers, trying to fix the vacuum with patches just to experience that “flow” once again. Pathetically, it’s only temporary. You a GOOD girl, I’m the BAD n**** who’s making things all UGLY. I guess. That’s the way I’ve always seen it though. I just wish I could prove myself one last time, but the damage I’ve created is way farther than a perfect fix even if a pro- was to work on it. Let’s not pretend to ourselves anymore, or well placed, don’t pretend to me. This doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere, anymore.

You are youthful and vibrant, beautiful and smart. Your suitors’ queue would sure be mistaken for a fuel scarcity line.

You may still love me, but your mind ain’t with me no more, and it’s only a matter of time that the percentage I used to own reduces drastically to nothing. There sure are better blokes out there who are better than me, more caring than me and can offer you everything; pretty obvious you can’t deny the pressure you get from them – they’re visible, even on your social networking platforms. I doubt I ever made you smile. well, you did make me smile, everyday – even in pain.

TAKE A BREAK, I know you need it. Everything would be fine for you. Remember – You’re “in your world” and I’m just the n**** from “Mars“.

Would always love you, but I sure hate to deny you joy when you can get it from better Negros out there.

Big Dan