Diary Of A Sad Black Woman: MY PRESENT THOUGHT


I’ve searched so long for a life of peace, happiness and freedom. I’ve loved everyone I’ve ever met but I’ve gotten paid back in ways I’ve never imagined. I thought good things come to those who wait and that a man reaps what he sows. Why is my case different?

I’ve been patient,waiting with a good heart but you know what, I’m tired of waiting of my reward to come. Can I just skip this phase?

Don’t I deserve to be happy?
Don’t I deserve love?
Don’t I deserve to be cared for?

I’m sick and tired of being treated like a 2nd class citizen in my life. I’m tired of this circle of heartless, selfish and wicked people who don’t care about me. I’m tired of carrying my cross alone. Why don’t you just complete the story and crucify me?

I can’t eat.
I can’t sleep.
I can’t hardly breathe.

I feel my life being snatched from me. I pray that my life turns around and things changed because I’m losing my sanity. I don’t need to be told. I can feel it.

Just remember that I reminded you.

Diary Of A Sad Black Woman