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Goldie Harvey: DJ Sean Mourns…

Goldie Harvey |

Goldie Harvey |

I did have that sheer chance to have Goldie as a friend and she sure is one to be missed for her fair bit of jovial nature. I’m sitted at the back of a car as I write this piece for her. I initially wanted to write out a full song but I believe a tribute as of now in that regard is best served in a way it stays on as memorable  so this would be my little piece, paying her my last respect on behalf of the AceWorldTEAM. | ENJOY!!!

The demise of one to be regard’d as a real woman

A woman of her own class and league

Jovial and charmin’ as can be

In a world so cruel, yet so free

Now you’re gone, and we’re still in shock

Death they say has no respect, but why now?

In a phase where you had so much goals set forth, why now?

In a moment when you had so much mo’ to achieve, why now?

When a fraction of us look’d on to see you grow, why now?

@ a time duly consider’d as peak in your career – WHY?

This vacuum’s gon’ be felt by all

A space so huge, which no one can fill

A huge dent on the Nigerian music industry scene

A huge dent in the lives of close friends

A huge blow to the face of your family

To the one I call “Omo Iya“, sun re ooo…


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