VALENTINE’S DAY: Exposé Motif …by Ace Nobis


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In the field of medicine, a female’s anatomy is highly complicated and complex so it must be the reason why they are wired to think and act differently depending on their moods, aura and state of mind which spans around seasons and periods. A male can never fully understand the opposite sex; they are and always will remain a mystery to us; it’s this mystery that provides us with both challenge and tension anytime we are dealing wit their species… All day long, a lot is coursing through the mind of a lady. A female can just conjure up thoughts in her head at random depending on her mood. If she is in a happy relationship with her boyfriend and he is committed and loyal to her, and she happens to be affiliated to a wealthy family, she may question his loyalty and start to wonder maybe it’s because she has money to give and spend on him, that’s why he loves her deeply because obviously he doesn’t want to lose out. But, if that’s not the case and she hails from an average one, then she thinks that someday, if her boyfriend meets a rich lady, she is bound to lure him away from her with the item that makes the world go round [money] which is not in her possession as at the time. A lady’s world is a difficult place to live in, sometimes I wonder if

Anyway, ladies meet different guys like all the time and they group us accordingly, imagine dat?. For a lady to attain true happiness, she must have in her goody bag two [2] sets of guys; this is where the grouping I told you about earlier comes into play. They are: “a real man” and “the provider“.

The real man in a girl’s world cannot be by-passed; he is the ideal guy with whom she shares her thoughts with, the one who is able to reach the depths of her emotions, igniting them and bringing them to the surface. In his world, she feels safe and finds happiness with the real man, she never gets lost and doesn’t hesitate to lose herself to him; he is also the man she has decided to bestow herself upon.

The provider, oh! That one, hmm… For a lady, a must have! He is the one who showers her with gift items, gives her mad trips to exotic places, buys her stuffs, takes her out… In summary, for a day like this [February, the 14th], he is the one she wants to be it. But then, a problem creeps out and then, the inevitable question pops – “is it in all cases that a lady’s REAL MAN also doubles as the PROVIDER?”. The answer is (N) – “N”, shade-shifting with a big “O”.

So if the answer is NO, what happens when this scenario occurs most especially if you are a lady? No matter how great you feel in his presence [“real man“], you also crave to be showered with gifts because really, it show how much he cares. Also, no matter how much he [“the provider“] provides everything for you, you don’t want to feel that he is buying you over; you also want to feel truly cherished. Well, not that most girls really care about that though as long as he is buying; what has love got to do with it? But in this ever-changing world, it is a bonus to the relationship if her man plays both roles as the “real man” and “provider“. Take this instance, how many times have you heard dis statement from some ladies: “as long as love exists, money is not a problem” [like seriously]. That is exactly what I’m talking about; don’t mean to be rude but from her words, it is easy to tell that she is dating a “real man” and not “the provider” because it is normal for ladies to show off stuffs their man gave them to fellow girls but I guess that only happens when you have something to show right?; my point exactly. So why is it that you can’t have a “real man” and “a provider” combined? Simple; it’s because being a “provider” is not a criteria to being generous. It could just be that he is paying for what he wants. True generosity is the attribute of a “real man” [see what I mean]. So that’s why no matter how loyal a lady is, if her man is not a “real man“, she seeks for “the provider“; it now depends on her nature and personal decision not to go all the way because “a provider” expects returns most times. So, the best bet for a lady is to go with a “real man“, but then… Life has evolved; so in the end, a lady in the course of her life-time dates a “real man” and finally gets married to the “provider. Although she may not him love him [“the provider“] at first flight, but trust me, there are so many things a lure of the exotic and a keys to a Range Sport could do to a girls psyche as time goes by.

So, if you are reading this and you are into a relationship, go out and have some fun. If you have a lady you like or a guy you show interest in, let him/her know in good time plus if you have issues with him/her, I guess today is a nice day to make up. The good thing is I guess Val’s Day has something for everyone. Finally, last word to the guys – today is Vals’ and the mood is right, so it’s a’ight to get some mushu’u but never think that because a lady gives it up today, then she is Weak or caught up – Nah! The only reason is because she has coolly thought about it in her privacy and it just happens that the person she decided to bestow herself upon is YOU

Happy Vals’ Day y’all!!!

Written by Ace Nobis
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