Alice dropped the cookies and milk she had prepared for Santa on a stool beside the christmas tree. She had also adressed a letter to Santa, asking him to forgive her for being naughty this year. Alice was dark skinned and had big set of eyeballs fit into her small facial frame. She alongside all the other kids in the neighbourhood where ready for Santa’s arrival this year, Alice seeing that everything was set climbed up the stairs to her room and went to bed.

              At exactly 12 in the midnight Mr Pale woke up from sleep because he heard  a noise coming from down the stairs, knowing who it might be he calmly slept back. After a while the noise stopped and Mr Pale awoke again when he heard sounds comin from the stairs. Now Mr Pale was sure it was a bugler so he woke his wife and they listened for where the next sound might come from. Mr Pale reached for his phone to call the police but the lines had been cut off, now he was scared.

                 Mr pale heard the knob of a door being opened and shut immediately after, he knew the sound of that room, it belonged to Alice and now he didnt know what to think. As he was still trying to think of whether to come out of the room, him and his wife heard the knob of their door being turned slowly and when it was opened they saw their daughter standing in front of them but behind her was a man in a black cloak, he had an angry face and he held a black matchet and carried a black garbage bag. He then went around Alice and faced her parents.

                 Mr Pale started to say something but was cut short when he saw what was in the man’s garbage bag, they were human parts now he became scared and sprang up from the bed to grab his pistol and that was the last action Alice ever saw her father take. In just a minute both her parents had been chopped into different parts. The man in the black Cloak picked up some parts of her parents into his garbabge bag and used some blood that had spilled to write ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’ on their wall then he stopped directly infront of Alice staring at her for a while then went out.

               Alice was just 4 and she witnessed this, her mind had never been so damaged and her vision of christmas changed. Alice had to be kept in an asylum during the christmas period because those memories still came back to haunt her. ‘SANTA CLAWS’ was what she always wisphered. She would scream and say ‘SANTA CLAWS IS BACK FOR ME THIS TIME’ and then she would blackout because of the sedatives she was always given to put her blood pressure to rest.

      As you read this have a wonderful christmas and I hope Santa wouldnt come to visit. :)  Bless


  1. Shiiiiiiii is crayyyyy mehn…..So she stopped having 25th DEC. On her calender :(… expecting Santa tooo looooool, I hope it doesn't end up like that :D

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