Nat’s Series: Ep 3


Got myself together after a minute or two. Left him in bed looking all confused and used; if I said “great sex” after calling him my b****, I am afraid of his reaction. So I stood up and left for the kitchen, to get a drink. Got him a drink as well, he takes a sip and I could see he was about to say something about the name-calling incident, so I cut him through and said well here is to last night, had a nice time; cheers – yea, “cheers to that“, he said. Took a deep breath and said a little prayer, “Dear God, let him soon“.

At work, I could not help but think about how great last night was, how detached I was after everything and the fact that I felt no guilt of having an encounter with a total stranger. I’m definitely not leaving this lifetime in a long time. It was almost time to go home, I was in so much joy to tell B how the night when without him and what I have been up to.

Bay has to know about last night…but he does not seem like he wants to  meet up for drinks? I insist I have to tell you about last night. If you don’t come down I’m coming to you; do you still live with that hot sexy roommate of yours? I asked with excitement – squash the drinks, I’m coming to take care of you.

**** twenty minutes and a cab ride later****

I arrive at his house, Sam answers the doorbell… Hi I’m Nat, remember me? Bay walks out of his room, come in Nat…Yo! Sam meet my best friend Nat, sure you too have meet sometime before, she stays on the other side of town. Sick baby, what’s wrong? Got a cold? Alright, I’m here to baby you and in return you get to listen and advice on my last night’s encounter. Oh so you did still go out last night, he asked like he does not know how stubborn his best friend could be. I brought you dinner too.

Sam goes back to his couch, seemed more interested in what was on TV than the beautiful lady in his house – made me wonder if he was gay, only one way to find out. Half way through the chat after dinner Bay was deep in sleep leaving me horny and bored so I creep-ed out of the room to check on Sam and probably hit on him. Sam was asleep too. Damn!!! Staring at him to find out if he was really sleepy and check him out for a bit. He suddenly wakes up. We got talking whilst a semi-porn movie came on; he noticed my drifted attention once the sex scene was on – moves closer whist reaching for my neck, sniffing hair and turns my face reaching for a kiss. I started undoing his button like a kid on Christmas day. The sensation – Oh, I was in cloud 9.


You would not believe what happened next.