Tolu [2010 MTN Project Fame Finalist] drops “#IAM3HREE: The LP”


Tolu - #Iam3hree Artwork |

The Vintage Records‘ only act had his debut R’n’B single titled “Arewa” in 2010 which was a great marvel to all; a clever twist of western R’n’B and the Yoruba dialect, which got massive appeal and love from fans. Sequel to “Arewa“, Tolu dropped the experimental “Whyne It“; after being signed to on Vintage Records in January 2012, digging into other aspects of his talents and style. It came as a surprise to many as fans where happy to hear a different side of Tolu‘s wonder vocals, but Tolu was just on a journey to discover versatility. It’s now official; the LP, “#Iam3hree“, the fruit of that journey, as Tolu takes over with the compilation having a blend of Pop, R’n’B, and Afro-Pop. “#Iam3hree” is a celebration of talent, value and ideals. It brings together the different experiences and views and belief about the brand Tolu with top notch production and great lyrical content; he comes off with 3 singles on this.

Gets Me Up” hits on everyone who has that passion that makes them want to pump with adrenaline and make them feel like they could have that moment for life. “Gets Me Up” gives you that rush to jump on your feet and have as much fun like the beat is never going to stop.

Shakara” is a Nigerian pidgin slang for “fronting”. This is a “must move your body” Afro pop banger, with easy to learn and lovable lyrics. Tolu depicts the travails of how a young man could get a girl he wants when he makes that money even with her “Shakara”. Tolu went hard on the production, mixing and mastering.

Never” is a sad song of regret which many people who have ever had to love someone and lost the affection, due their disregard for how much they loved each other. It depicts the pains of heartbreak and how hard it is moving on. Love would certainly fade but the memories would forever linger. | ENJOY!!!

DOWNLOAD ~ Tolu – Gets Me Up

DOWNLOAD ~ Tolu – Shakara

DOWNLOAD ~ Tolu – Never

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