MONiYKE – Were Obim [Take My Heart] ~ prod. by Geega


MONiYKE - Were Obim [Take My Heart] ~ prod. by Geega Artwork |

MONiYKE [real name – Solomon Ikechukwu Kenneth] is a young entertainment executive who is working tirelessly to instill the brand, Farenheit Entertainment in the minds of everyone. Little did we know about his musical history and ability; here, he surprisingly comes out with a grand hit single titled “Were Obim [Take My Heart]” which was released yesterday on his birthday, the 25th of October, 2012 and is dedicated to the Heart of Gold Children’s Hospice, Surulere as he celebrates his day with them. Apparently, this version is a soul and is a tip of an iceberg of great stuffs to come from him. It is a song that gets to the core of your emotions. “Were Obim” was produced by Geega and done in such a way that DJs can easily spin it up to their preferred tempo and infuse any kind of percussion they choose to. Nevertheless, the dance version of “Were Obim” will be released sometime later, so anticipate it! | ENJOY!!!

DOWNLOAD ~ MONiYKE – Were Obim [Take My Heart] ~ prod. by Geega