Ade Piper – Frigidi Frogodo

#hilariouslaught’r… This tune’s crackin’ me up big time… *head bobbin’ uncontrollably*…. Ade Piper does this one his own way ..ENJOY!!!

Brand new single from this upcoming artiste that goes by the name Ade Piper. The track is titled Frigidi Frogodo. This is not your regular type of beat but he managed to ride the tides of the beat to bring out this nice tune. A trusted source says the song has been getting good airplay and also is the Number 1 on the top 7 jamz at 7 with J.A.J (93.7FM). Check it out and lemme know what you think.  

Ade piper is a young Afro-hip-hop multi-talented artist and producer that has been in the music scene since 1997. He started his musical and production career has teen gospel rap group in church (House on the Rock) called ‘Rock the Rappers’; He was also a member of the spirit of David (SOD) gospel dance group. He is a graduate with a B.Sc in Computer Science from Bowen University, Iwo. He has featured on songs with mainstream artists like General pype sage Vector Lord of Ajasa A1, King Konga, Maximum, Jhybo, Lekki hood is finest, Femi Jobal to mention a few. He is well known for his massive energy on stage dance and captivating dance moves his use of slangs like “watch properly”, ‘chakan’ and ‘Frigidi frogodo’ is an Afro centric Hip Hop track which is set to keep listeners Dancing all through the song. It was produced by XDXT Init and is to hit the airwaves on the October 21, 2011. It is a name coined for a new dance step which he just introduced . As Ade Piper would always say: Watshh properly for the street president, the frigidi
frogodu master. CHAKAM.

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