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Asake’s “Work of Art”: A Sonic Journey of Brilliance

The captivating album cover of "Work of Art" by Asake.

Introducing “Work of Art“: Asake‘s Sonic Masterpiece

Nigerian music sensation Asake makes a resounding statement with the release of his highly anticipated sophomore album titled “Work of Art.” Discover Asake‘s sonic brilliance in fourteen captivating tracks that take listeners on a musical journey like no other.

Within less than two years since his debut, Asake astonishes with two meticulously crafted studio albums, following in the footsteps of his illustrious label boss, Olamide. “Work of Art” showcases Asake‘s breadth and depth of sonic ingenuity, weaving together previously released tracks, including the chart-topping “Amapiano,” “Yoga,” and “2:30.”

A Solo Expedition

Asake‘s artistic expression spans across the album as he predominantly shines in a solo capacity, except for the esteemed presence of Olamide on the previously released track, “Amapiano.” Through this individualistic approach, Asake captivates listeners, crafting compositions that evoke exhilaration and forge a profound connection with the audience.

The sonic brilliance of “Work of Art” owes much to the impeccable production work of Magicsticks, Blaise Beatz, P. Prime, and Anoop D’Souza. These gifted producers contribute their expertise, shaping the album’s rich soundscapes and adding depth to Asake‘s exceptional compositions.

An Unparalleled Sonic Journey

Immerse yourself in Asake‘s “Work of Art” album, and embark on a sonic journey of creativity and musical brilliance. Experience the captivating allure of Asake‘s artistry as he pushes boundaries, defies expectations, and creates a truly memorable and transformative musical experience.