Rest In Peace: Modupe Aisha Abioye (C.E.O of MosConcept Entertainment)

Modupe Aisha Abioye |

The first day we met in person, you’d made me rush up my mix for the day and I had to meet you up at the park so we could go to the movies because you wanted to skip work that day – seeing you dressed in that black gown, you were full of life, a whole lot more of which you showed during the ride to the cinemas (as you yarned on and on about Wizkid) and in all of the years that followed…

You grew to become my big sister, my friend and most of all, the biggest critic in my life; over the years, we’d set our aims and we’d continually have arguments on how to achieve set goals – whilst you would take a leap, I’d fold my arms and do the same – you never acknowledged my ways (or so I thought) until the day you honed up as to how much motivation I gave to you – the truth is we motivated one another in all ways…

I’m lost in thoughts at the moment; nothing seems to make any sense… 1 month ago, you started this battle – up until you told me you couldn’t breathe on your own anymore, you still had the bright spark in you and I remember those words, “I’d be back with a BANG.” I smiled seeing that you wrote the “bang” in upper case and I couldn’t be more happier to see you in a positive light…

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Our last argument was about “running” – we had hours of arguments trying to decipher what it’d mean to stop running and be still and have things take a natural route. Aisha Modupe Abioye (‘Yeesha‘), this wasn’t where we concluded on that argument – this isn’t what we concluded about being still… When we said, let’s stop running, we didn’t say you’d stop living too.

Who would fill this void?
Who gave you the permission to leave me, your loved ones and all those you ever gave hope to?
Why’d it have to be you?
Why’d you have to leave before we achieved our set goals?
Why? Why? Why?

Even though everything about you seems dead and gone,
You left us with a certain kind of hope – A RARE ONE
I promised myself not to shed tears whilst typing this but that’s certainly an impossible feat; this is a loss too much to bear.

I would miss you,
Your loved ones and family would miss you…