Boogey – INCOGNITO (Mixtape)

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6 months after the release of “Face Off,” a collaborative album with PayBac, Boogey presents the “Incognito” mix-tape; “Incognito” is his 5th body of work in the last 4 years, it is also his 3rd body of work since he once again became an independent/unsigned artist.

On this project, he portrays himself as an unfamiliar being (Messenger X) from an unknown place, with a message of truth and hope that is only understood by those who have been chosen; the MC merges fictional elements with his real life and career struggle, as the latter translates the former – “Incognito” takes the listener on a mind trip that is rather dark and sometimes eerie, but completely honest – it expresses the feeling of being alienated in a world where one has never really belonged but still calls home.

The mix-tape features a continual voice-over performance from Toyosi Kajogbola which helps hold the story together, guiding the listener through what may seem like a maze; the 12-track project also features Danny Gomez, Vemor, Tay, Lady Donli, Cat Mayel, Whykay, Bella, AT, Cyclone Artemis, Kel, Phlow, Maka and Zee.

Original Production: DJ Babus, Chris Prythm, Odunsi, Teckzilla, DJ Woske and Bigfoot.
Post-Production: All tracks mixed and mastered by Black Intelligence.
Artwork: Mac Solomon

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