Beazy – 50 Naira 100 Naira Feat. A1 Sugarboy


So, I start off today’s bloggin’ with this exceptional track comin’ from the man call’d “Beazy” …this is one dude I’ve come to have a listenin’ affinity for…yea, I said that and it comes with no oth’r profound reason oth’r than the fact that this dude produc’d music all-year long in a mann’r that I really can’t point out any who’s done so… He releas’d one track every Monday for 52weeks – now y’all see what angle I’m comin’ from…. Anyways, he’s featur’d A1 [the voice behind Mode9’s “BadMan” track] on this beautiful track…and as usual, I’ma leave y’all to be the judge on this one…… #hummin’ – *20naira, 50naira, 100naira… me spend this money*!!!

Beazy music Monday lasted 52 weeks, yeah a whole year, and in case you missed then you missed a great deal of lovely tracks which helped in making the artist known as Beazy, for that project includes hit tracks like Over N Over feat. Dokta Frabz and Bad Guy (which has got 3 different versions and features a number of acts).

To say that project was a waste would be to stating the inverse as Beazy managed to solidify his image and improve on his work each Monday trying to correct flaws, if any, appeared the previous Monday and generally work on his delivery. The result, a new Kid-Konnect track called 50 Naira 100 Naira which features A1 Sugarboy. On point delivery, dope hook. It’s just one smooth track.