You may be older today when you discover singer/songwriter Adol Orin, but you will remember his mellow vocals some years back; with over ten years of experience as a vocalist, his 2009 hit single, “Orin,” blazed to the top of charts in the year 2009 and remained there for six weeks – the singer, Adol Orin, is taking the industry by storm again with the release of his new single and video titled “Obinrin.”

This beautiful song showcases Adol Orin‘s vocals as he effortlessly reaches high and low ranges throughout the song and beautifully executes the lyrics – in the video, he really expresses love and feelings for his woman, and that will truly captivate the viewers – watch the exotic video shot by Davies Bassey as you experience Adol Orin‘s sultry voice, which is simply irresistible. | ENJOY!!!