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Yusuph Music – Fuji-Fused (EP)

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Yusuph Music (real name, Kuforiji Yusuph Olayiwola) is a Fuji-fusion artiste from Nigeria, who gained his first momentum after he was a Top 10 Contestant on the MTN Project Fame West Africa Singing Reality TV Show (Season 9) in 2016. He has been blazing the trail for the Fuji-fusion sound as a pioneer of the sound; “Fuji-Fused (EP)” is the projection of the Fuji-fusion sound as performed by Yusuph Music. Various genre fusion ranges are explored on this beautiful compilation in relation with the rudiments of Fuji Music. “I want the world to know the indigenous Fuji Music has no limitations in terms of fusion with other genre of music and this has driven me to the creation of Fuji-fusion to project my discovery,” says Yusuph Music – enjoy the vibe of the Fuji-fusion and relate with the African universal musical culture.

1. 4040
2. Balance
3. Party Freak
4. Bodyguard
5. Yara
6. Work

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