THE FOUR HORSEMEN … A Poem by Murstradamus

THE FOUR HORSEMEN ...writt'n by Murstradamus Artwork |

THE FOUR HORSEMEN ...writt'n by Murstradamus Artwork |

White Horse [Victory, Pestilence, Conquest]
Red Horse [War, Blood, Bones, Entrails, Famine]
Black Horse [Disease, Starvation, Desolation]
Pale Horse [End, Apocalypse, Ifinito, Finite, Death]

Do not call me vain or say that pride is in my vein, my vanity is rivaled only by insanity; never losing always choosing, publish oozing, corpses cold before the chance of bruising. My steed as white as the driven snow, innocence slighted, darkness lighted by the fires I leave in my wake – you may call me Conquest.

On a red horse I ride, blood red, blade at my side; my brothers I leave in the wake of battles injustice prevails, my vengeance never fails. Then his vengeance for mine, lust never slated, never abated, that was foretold and so forth fated; I need battle, I entrust my heart to a corpse. I salivate for the kill, necrophilia so ill, my member throbs as I lay waste to populace after populace giving in to my will – you may call me War.

Prices so high most now live in hovels, debt so deep soon it will come to shovels; my scales see and weigh as the tides rise and nations fall, people fall victim to the brothers that heed the call. I smile at the injustice of those that see rape, murder, hurt and do naught, I giggle at the perpetrator that goes un-caught; so afraid, innocence slayed, lives forever frayed. Streets caught in the middle of my holy blight, I see the plight, walk my horse among you as black as the dead of Knight and smile at bodies so racked with disease it was over before the resolve had a chance to fight – you may call me Famine.

Hello my brothers, I am last to heed the call, I take no pleasure in your demise though I love to see you fall; on a pale horse I do ride, and I am always at your side. Have you seen that I am the end to the means, though I am not the means to an end? For I consider you all my friend; I walk with you day in and day out, you see me, greet me, court me, and seek me out; in the end you want me, but do not despair, for I want you too. Like a lover’s tender embrace, I am there for you; I feel your naked cold bodies, I WANT you – I NEED you. Do you want me and need me? It despairs me to see you so, but once I have you I will not let go; jealousy, pain and strife, I am what you seek in the end of life. I want you to know the pleasures of my pain, that orgasmic feeling that goes beyond the brain; as you leave your mortal core, I am there to relieve your pain and I await you just off the river Styx just above the shore – you may call me Death.