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Most of us know the story of the Mushin boy that joined the now dismantled Mo’Hits Records. He kicked off his career in Mo’Hits as a dancer as evident in the D’banj’s “Why Me” video. Rumours have it that he wrote the song “Why Me”; I cannot categorically tell you this is true neither can I tell you it is not. With much research and over 70% conviction, Wande Coal wrote “Mo Gbona Fele Fele”, a song produced by another producer. Eventually the version we heard was D’banj’s, produced by Don Jazzy. Let me save the talk, D’banj was Mo’Hits number one act then and there is nothing anybody can do about that.

Little can be said about the success of Wande Coal’s “M2M” album, one of the very few albums to have 100% acceptance in Nigeria [in my opinion, Dagrin’s “CEO” is the only rival in this regard]. Also a little time travel will make you remember “Close To You“, “Pere“, “Booty Call“, and the moment when Mo’Hits drops a new single every week before they eventually dropped the “CV” album, with major contributions from the “Black Diamond” [as re-christened by Don Jazzy] himself. Though as at that moment, D’banj was still in full force, but that was also the moment Wande Coal could have sealed his legendary status.

The “talentlessWande Coal [WC]! Even the deaf would have heard how talented “the original Black Diamond” is but when his talent is under-utilized, what differentiates him from having no talent? Let us see it this way – if you have the strength to lift a rock but you didn’t, what differentiates you from the person who cannot? They say “to know is good but to do is God”. It is unimaginable that a talented singer like Wande Coal is just working on his 2nd album, but alas, this is the reality.

At this point I must praise WC’s humility and patience. He was brought into the game by Don Jazzy and despite the much uproar, it seems his loyalty is still very intact. Don Jazzy has built a reputation of focusing on one artiste at a time, though with a side kick [and that has been working for him, so no complain about him but for WC’s career, that makes me “fear”]. D’banj was the main act, WC was the side kick, that was in the Mo‘Hits days. Now, it is Mavin and not much has changed. Wande Coal has dropped 2 hot and banging tracks this year, but he still seems to be the side kick as D’Prince seems to be the main act in Mavin at the moment. If Don Jazzy calls him the “Black Diamond“, then diamonds are not to be hidden; they are admirably used. Now, should the “Black Diamond” always be the side kick, or should his Talent be persistently underutilized?

Wande Coal ft. Don Jazzy – THE KICK

In moments like this, comparison seems to be inevitable. KaySwitch, probably the least artiste in Mo’Hits is riding so high and now features on a lot of tracks as oppose his time in Mo’Hits. The reason is simply: “out of sight is out of mind”, the less we see or hear him the less important he becomes. Without a doubt, Wande Coal is one of the most talented singers in the industry and at the same time, you cannot have Don Jazzy and want any other person to produce your music. But in the real sense, something needs to happen. One album in 5 years does not seem to be a good one for a talented fellow like Wande Coal unless he wants to finish his career and wish he had another chance.

At the moment let us eagerly anticipate his album produced by Don Jazzy!

Wande Coal – ROTATE [prod. by Don Jazzy]

African Man