Aina More – JA’BURATA [Audio/Viral Video]

Aina More - JA'BURATA Artwork |

Aina More - JA'BURATA Artwork |

Lyrics, Looks and Lingo – What more can you ask for? Aina More presents “Ja’Burata“, the 1st single released from the UK-based female rapper. Aina More, previously known for her hard-hitting Hip-Hop mix-tapes released in 2011 and 2012 is back with her 1st Afro Pop single, produced by Kosoro. “Ja’Burata“, is the Yoruba expression for health, wealth and abundance and unlike ever done before, the 20-year old female rapper from London, has infused the indigenous sounds of Fuji with New Age dance sounds and delivered an undoubtable hit for 2013!

The official iTunes release date of “Ja’Burata” is the 8th of February 2013 where the single will be available for purchase. Check out this hilarious Youtube Audio/Video for the song also. | ENJOY!!!

DOWNLOAD ~ Aina More – JA’BURATA [prod. by Kosoro]

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