Imagine You walk into the compound of very big house at Victoria Island or Lekki, you would notice the various plants around with the sole purpose of beautifying one particular area all coming together to make the house a whole but then again most of you do not notice this little things all you do is stare at the various cars they have and how big one side of the house is than the other. Thats how life is, we never focus on the things that count instead we focus on those that dont.
            The flowers or roses used to decorate the house are of essential quality to you sizing up the house. If the house isnt without flowers and has spyrogira’s growing on the walls turning then to a shade of green. No matter how big that house may seem or how beautiful it is on the outside before you enter the compound your views on it would change.
           This reflects greatly if I relate it to family, in the sense that one’s family is like the flowers that beautiful and already beautiful house and that beautiful house can be likened to life. Family is what projects how your life would be built. If one comes from a family who doesnt care where or when or how he or she goes out or comes back in it has a great reflection on that person’s life because the person later becomes wasted. If one’s family is like that with the spirogyra’s growing on the wasll, it affects the outlook of the house greatly. This is just the pure fact.
            No matter how beautiful your life seems always remeber to go to your roots every now and then it is necessary to have a very strong bond with them despite the ups and downs you might have so your life reflects a good foundation.
             One of my friends came to me telling me he hated his father and everyone in his household for reasons unknown to me, but yet he finds himself in one of the best private universities that only few can afford and guess who still sweats to pay the bills? Ofcourse its the father. So why hold a grudge and hate your family for so many years but still stay to enjoy what they have to offer. If you honestly cant stand them leave. Dont come to me saying you have problems with your parents because I know they dont even know you are carrying that problem with you. Forgive your parents because you were born of them.
     No one knows how it feels to a bastard until they are one, no one knows how it feels to be the only child until they are one, no one knows how it feels like to have a single parent until they have one, no one knows how it feels to be from a seperated home until they have experienced it. So in  all things give thanks for the little you have and the little you have been blessed with and always remember to STOP TO SMELL THE FLOWERS. Bless


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