Sagas - F.A.K.E [front] Artwork |

Today, the 13th should the official release date of the “F.A.K.E” mix-tape from Sagas. Having already given the public a taste of what the impending project holds, plaudits have become a steady fixture in the build up to the release. As always, critics have had their say concerning the southern rap sensation by the name Sagas, citing vocal similarities, likeness in charisma and punchline delivery to that of the veteran heavyweight, Naeto C. With widespread releases and current trend in the industry of late, it is imperative to highlight that the project “F.A.K.E” is a total blend of instrumental remakes [mixtapes] and personal projects of pure originality from the artiste Sagas. “JASON’S ROOM“, the latest, is another colossal release off the much anticipated mixtape due to drop later today. | ENJOY!!!

DOWNLOAD ~ Sagas – Jason’s Room