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[Throw Back]: Chuddy K – SLOW SLOW [Club Mix]


Chuddy K - Slow Slow Artwork | AceWorldTeam.com

I remember vividly the first day I listened to Chuddy K‘s “Slow Slow“; I was on my normal disc jockeying business when someone [a good friend] walked up to me and gave me the promo CD for this song. He kept begging me to play the song and I decided to oblige; it was almost 2AM at the time and I quickly listened to a part of the song via my headphones, and in no time I fell in love with the tune; it wasn’t long after then that I decided to give the peeps on the dance floor a bit of what I was enjoying and by morning, those who knew me were craving to get the song cuz I had it on repeat alongside it’s instrumental. Thus, I decided to dish this in on the throw-back series and I’m sure you guys would fall in love with Chuddy K all over again. Here’s the club mix of the DoktaFrab‘s produced “Slow Slow” by Chuddy K. | ENJOY!!!

DOWNLOAD ~ Chuddy K – Slow Slow [Club Mix]


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