Point Reazon – GAGAZ [DAADA]


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POINT REAZON is a rap artiste with the spirit of a go-getter and a mind of a winner; an eMCee with a unique style different from the regulars. He’s been focused and determined since ‘99 and has never looked back nor dropped the mic. Navigating through the Underground scene and trying to stay afloat despite the odds of the music Industry, he has managed to keep his game uptight, advancing regardless the adversity. With no major backing or support, POINT REAZON strives on with the intent to make a lasting impression and a meaningful statement in the music induSTREET. He is an indie artist under a self-imprint, S.O.D.A Entertainment with two other brain boxes running the unit together.

This is the second official single from POINT REAZON besides his mix-tape songs and his first drop titled “BLO-MA-MIND“. The song “Gagaz [Daada]” is a ‘must-listen-to‘ song, as it harnesses a crowd-control feel, with a call-and-response chorus that registers on listen. The beat is insane, and his lyrics is one to be tagged as ‘STUPIDLY-SICK‘. On this track, Point Reazon was referring to crazy girls, yet dropping a few liners on how he stays hustling for good.

“Where my Lady GAGAZ???”. Perhaps, a rhetorical question. Perhaps, POINT REAZON has an answer to his question. | ENJOY!!!

Point Reazon – Gagaz [Daada]

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