[#ACE_ FRESH] Gbenga Adenuga – I REJOICE IN PAIN [Audio + Video]


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The words below are from the artiste himself, expressing in detail how he feels…

This song was recorded over a year ago but I do not think it is more relevant to our nation than now. I personally lost 2 close friends and several known people in the Dana aircraft that crashed in Lagos on Sunday the 3rd of June, 2012.

The song was written four years before it was recorded, and at a point in my life when it was really difficult to make ends meet. Those were days I will walk distances to save N5.00 so to buy a sachet of “pure water” to drink garri.

Those days were real to me. The lack was real. But then I will not let anything take my praise away. My expectation was great. More real than what I was experiencing, my hope for a better tomorrow overwhelms the lack I was going through.

Gbenga Adenuga – I REJOICE IN PAIN

On Sunday June 3rd, some 153 very important people left us, a 153 that linked the whole of the country together, we did not know how closely linked to one another we were until these 153 people let us. To the departed, we need to let you know we love you dearly and we will miss you all. No matter how we try, a lot of things can never be the same again without you.

The best way to go on from here is to encourage ourselves that our friends live on and they actually do. Let us make sure that all the dreams and aspirations we shared together live on. They might not be here with us physically but let them live on in our hearts. We need to see that their hopes and desires do not die, let us work it out like we will give an account to them when we see.

The best is yet to come… If you lost a friend that left behind children, make sure you see to it that those kids do well… That is the best that we hope for!!!

I have been to too many funerals and service of songs and you will agree with me that all the gloomy and sad looking faces will transform to “normal” once we step out of the funeral environment! Life continues…

For all of us, we definitely will miss our friends and loved ones but I need us all to know that the best days are still ahead.

As long as we have the breath of God in us we will yet get the best from life. We will not lose hope, we will not cast off restraint, we will not give up…..

Let us get up, let us make the right decisions because we could all be vulnerable at this time, let us be very vigilant as there are some opportunist that might want to use this situation against us and for their own selfish ends…

Though the promises do not come

And the light refuses to shine

Though the rains and dew are held back

And the ground refuses to yield

Praise the Lord

Everything within me bless His name

I rejoice in pain

Victory will come

Jesus calms the storms

The best is yet to come I believe

Gbenga Adenuga – I REJOICE IN PAIN


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