Oribhabor Ann Amen, magnanimously known as Dj ToxiQ A is a Delta state based artist right in the oil city, Warri. Dj ToxiQ A also is so far the 1st female producer in Nigeria to cut across, as she is one of the producers working with lastest rap sensation, “yung6ix” — also, she was a member of TorFormation, a now defunct group of four, based in Warri consisting of Ob3, RayGee, Frankie Free and Toziq.

Shayo Grass for #ACEWORLD was able to have a quick chat with Dj ToxiQ A via a bbm convo, and she talked about herself, how she started, her role models and also gave out word about the video shoot for her most recent track which was released only some days back…

*****bbm chat with Dj ToxiQ A*****

Participants: Shayo Grass, Dj ToxiQ A
Time: 5pm

Shayo Grass: Okay what’s your non-stage name?

Dj ToxiQ A: Oribhabor Ann Amen or Amen Oris

Shayo Grass: From Warri?

Dj ToxiQ A: Yep yep

Shayo Grass: Oh cool

Dj ToxiQ A: :)

Shayo Grass: Are you into music full time, or do you work as well?

Dj ToxiQ A: I just recently graduated from Uniport

Shayo Grass: NYSC?

Dj ToxiQ A: This year by God’s grace

Shayo Grass: Amen!! How long has music been a passion of yours?

Dj ToxiQ A: Hmmm.. I’ve always loved music since I was little, but back then when I was much younger, I felt I never had the vocals for it.

Shayo Grass: Mmmm, what inspired the confidence for you to launch into it?

Dj ToxiQ A: I just loved to sing, because I realized that whenever I sang, I always feel happy and relaxed after singing, plus I got support from my fam and friends.

Shayo Grass: So how did your career begin?

Dj ToxiQ A: It started in 2005, when I joined a group called Probities, who as at then were made up of 3 boys – Frankie Free, Obeetree [Ob3] and Ray Gee.

Shayo Grass: How did they notice you?

Dj ToxiQ A: We met at a talent hunt competition..we just bonded.

Shayo Grass: How did the name Toxiq come about?

Dj ToxiQ A: :D Just a nick-name I gat from a friend in secondary school – Toyin

Shayo Grass: Toyin?

Dj ToxiQ A: Yea…that’s the name of the gal that gave me the name

Shayo Grass: Do you have role models in the Nigerian music industry and if so, who are they?

Dj ToxiQ A: I used to..but at the moment I don’t

Shayo Grass: Who were they?

Dj ToxiQ A: Hmmm… 2face, Don Jazzy, Cobhams and Frankie Free…by the way, I still gat much respect for them – just that I believe I don’t need anybody to define the kinda music I do

Shayo Grass: Amen to that!!! So should we antipate a huge tour/event from you in the near future?

Dj ToxiQ A: Sure thing. Megahit Entertainment [my label] is coming out with something big this year

Shayo Grass: What advice do you have for other upcoming artists who haven’t yet reached the level you’re at?

Dj ToxiQ A: Just keep doing what you’re doing, and God’s favour will locate you

Shayo Grass: Amen!!

Dj ToxiQ A: Amen!!! O:)

Shayo Grass: Who did your artwork?

Dj ToxiQ A: The guy shooting my vid

Shayo Grass: Oooh

Dj ToxiQ A: Yep yep

Dj ToxiQ A: You know I’m shooting my vid this Saturday [25th of February, 2012]

Shayo Grass: Oh, for “Set Me Free“???

Dj ToxiQ A: Yep yep

Shayo Grass: That’s awesome

Dj ToxiQ A: Yea…it’s not easy at all

Shayo Grass: LooL hardwork ALWAYS pays off tho’

Dj ToxiQ A: Yes o…always

Shayo Grass: Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

Dj ToxiQ A: Musically, I see me already dominating the international music industry :D

Shayo Grass: You know it!! Thank you so much for your time!!!

Dj ToxiQ A: The pleasure is Mine :)

*****Chat ends*****

Here’s a singer, song writer, producer, Dj and an actress whose producing and singing skills was felt in the recent #TeamDelta song “Untied” ft. yung6ix, Erigga, Yunghanz & Frankie Free which went on to become a critical and commercial success, with over 10,000 downloads. LISTEN BELOW!!!


This pretty songstress is known for cutting across all kinds of musical genre – this extremely talented and charming lady is ready and set to infect us with her musical toxin, and thanks to her drive and focus catch the fever in this recent piece of art titled “Set Me Free“, on which she featured Frankie Free. This track was produced by Dj ToxiQ A herself, and mixed by Frankie Free. ENJOY!!!



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