As the year 2016 winds up, it is important for me to express my profound and esteemed gratitude to all the people that matter to the Supreme Mavin Dynasty all through the year; I will like to say a big thank you to all the Mavin fans both in Nigeria and globally for their love and support.

My appreciation would not be complete if I don’t thank our artists, producers and DJs for their relentless commitment and diligence in making the label a driving force in the music and entertainment scene; also I will like to thank the back-end staff, crew and business leads for representing the business and the brand in a professional and ethical manner.

To our to corporate partners, thank you for believing in us by consistently doing business with The Supreme Mavin Dynasty – we appreciate you; to the Media platforms and personalities, I say a very big thank you for your undying support, we shall attain greater heights together in 2017.

On a final note, who is a Mavin?

A Mavin is someone who has exceptional talent and skill in their field. As part of our 2016 goals, we decided to increase our workforce to 50, which we surpassed by a slight margin as we have a workforce of 55. As you all know, the Entertainment Business is not complete without those who are skilled in the Business, therefore we are seeking to expand our work-force to 120 team in 2017 considering our forthcoming projects.

We are reviewing portfolios for Business Executives, Client Servicing Professionals, Style & Image Experts, Digital Data & VAS Management Executives, Government Liaison Officers, CSR Enthusiasts, Creative & Visual Production Nerds, Talent & Catalog Management Professionals, Content Developers, Retail, Sales & Fashion, Licensing Specialist, Touring & Logistics Specialist, Social Media Analyst & International Representatives in Accra, Nairobi, Abidjan, Dar es Salaam, Johannesburg, Douala, New York, London and Paris.

If you are Mavin and you have what it takes become part of a revolution in the Music & Entertainment industry, then send your CV with a detailed cover letter to [email protected] for consideration.

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Happy New Year to you all, have a prosperous 2017.