NativeBoy [Tunde from Styl-Plus] makes his Solo Debut – I.Y.E [In Your Eyes]


NativeBoy is no other than Tunde Akinsanmi of the STYL-PLUS group. Tunde Akinsanmi is a Styl-Plus band member alonside Shifi Emoefe and Zeal Onyecheme.

NativeBoy and his brand new debut single titled “I.Y.E [In Your Eyes]” is the sole creation of Tunde Akinsanmi, from singing to lyrics to production; Tunde [stage nameNativeBoy] has got it all from A [Awesome] to Z [Z-axis]. One could even say “I.Y.E” is 3-Dimensional in the sense that the track is the art work of Tunde’s own multi-skilled musical ability. “In Your Eyes” is a new generation of Electronica/R&B/Pop. The beat is going to get your body grooving, and the lyrics will capture your heart.

I.Y.E [In Your Eyes]” is now globally known and getting a lot of attention on the air waves on radio in the USA, UK, and soon to hit Australian radio and worldwide.

Tunde is an amazing human being with an unlimited supply of talent, production skills, highly motivated with personality to boot. Tunde’s charm & playfulness as seen here in the “In Your Eyes [the un-official video]” is totally infectious with his fun, easy-going nature.

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NativeBoy‘s “I.Y.E [In Your Eyes]” is available at the following website links:

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Coming soon is the ultimate NativeBoy Website

For more info, visit NKS Entertainment Sydney


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