Celebrate” is a braggadocio anthem on living the good life. A musical call to break free of moments of inhibition and worries. “I wanna play safe, but there is no rule tonight” is a line in the song that underscores the theme of “Celebrate“. “PsychMo” is not sticking with the formula; rather he sticks out his neck and he’s ready to explore. His ability to write witty lines and deliver faultless vocal brings the perfect synergy of pop, fuji and hip hop in a wonderful fusion out in “Celebrate“. This readily makes him an artiste to relish. Enjoy the wonderfully fresh and calming sound of “PsychMo“. It is a feel free, club anthem that will influence a movement; I am gonna be less surprised if this song spawned it own dance sequence. This is the first official single off his forthcoming LP titled “The Name iz S.O.S“. | ENJOY!!!

PsychMo – Celebrate

About: PsychMo
Sheu “PsychMo” Opaluwa was born and brought up in Lagos [Nigeria] in the early 90’s. The Kogi-born rapper, singer/songwriter, dancer and sound aficionado is currently an undergraduate at the University of Jos, Nigeria where he studies Geography. He juggles his time between doing field research and experimenting with sound in his mini studio. “PsychMo” plays the piano, works with the sound SFX 2009 and write songs in-between. He models himself after the Toronto producer, “Boi1Da” and “The Band Neptune”. He cites among his influence “Fela Kuti” and “Gotye“. He adores the works of “Mia Catalano“, “Ade Bantu”, “Nas“, “Salif Keita”, and “Kahli Abdu“. His sound is a cross between Afrobeats, pop, rap and fuji. He is signed to “HushMusic Inc.“, an indie label dedicated to new sounds from Nigeria.


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