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[#ACE_ FRESH] Splash ‘n’ SamSmooth – ODE [Freestyle]


The name “Splash” isn’t new around here on AceWorldTeam, and this time she’s teaming up with “SamSmooth” to bring to us a fusion of deep lines on this track titled “Ode [Freestyle]“. They both killed their personal bars fusing together words which we all are familiar with. Both of them, currently considered as upcoming acts definitely repped hard on this one. | ENJOY!!!

I make your best eMCee pass the mic, Muna | This chic bad, you can ask Luda | I drop lines Davinchi can’t code | I flow so hard, I’m in my Number 9, Mode

Like NEPA poles, I got tha streets by my side | Yes, I’m tha groom, and the game is tha bride | I control tha game, FIFA | I don’t need 9months to deliver | I’m gonna ball forever [Eva], no Alordiah | No DJs, but my head dey there | I’m not Chinese, but the ladies wanna Bangkok | cuz we’re shutting it down, Laptop

Splash & SamSmooth – Ode [Freestyle]

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