I’m so happy the blog is doin’ so well, and that’s why I’ve decid’d to include a new feature, which would be postin’ of articles, and I’m honour’d to present to y’all the first article to go up on this blog of mine…Comin’ from my dear’st Isioma [@MsJazzyfied], this is one cool piece of writin’ as expect’d of her….She’s had a lotta articles rollin’ out in the past, but this would be the first droppin’ on this blog, and mos’ def’ not goin’ to be the last…Relax as you read through this one which she titles: “YOUR SONG”…ENJOY!!!
“I hope you don’t mind that I put down inwords, how wonderful life is, while you’re in the world.” 
I first heard thesewords in the Hollywood musical “Moulin rouge”. I have recently discovered thatthis song; “Your Song” was originally performed by Sir Elton John. Thispiece was inspired by the words written above.
I haven’t exactly been a good friend, mymood has been sour these past few days and I’ve snapped at her a lot. Yet firstthing in the morning I get an IM from her saying “Good morning babe, how wasyour night?”. She is forgiving of my faults and chooses to hang in there inspite of me. I know she’ll love that I’ve put down in words, how wonderful mylife is, because she’s in it.
We had a major fight and I thought tomyself, “This is it, the end”. He said mean things and I threw hateful wordshis way. I demanded for an apology and he said he wasn’t going to give me one.It has been two years since our fight, he is still in my life, driving hisblack car while I ride shotgun as the mixed CD I made for him plays. Thankfullywe got over our pettiness and I know he won’t mind that I’ve put down in words,how wonderful my life is, because he’s in it.
She said “tell me something funny and I’llfollow back”. I consider myself a funny person, so I took up her challenge, shefollowed back. Then it began, I made it a duty to say hello daily, and one dayI asked for her pin. I got it. I remember the night I was really depressed andI confided in her, she had all the right words. My depression didn’t vanish,but she helped me realize it would not break me. I know she’ll be flatteredthat I’ve put down in words, how wonderful my life is, because she’s in it.
Our shared love for radio brought ustogether. He tells me how special I am to him at least thrice a week.  I call him Sir Teddy, I plucked this nicknameout of the sky, but I think it suits him. He says I’m a blessing to him, he iswrong; he is a blessing to me. He has a purity and openness about him that israre. He is so appreciative of the little things I do for him that I amconstantly trying to outdo myself. He will be pleased that I’ve put down inwords, how wonderful my life is, because he’s in it.
Consider these; a new phone might make youthe envy of your friends, but the smile on your face as you read an IM from adear friend will make you the envy of the world. That new car might make youhappy, but the company of a friend riding shotgun will bring you joy. Whenyou’re sad listening to a love song might cheer you up, but the wisdom of afriend will take away your loneliness. Giving strangers alms might please you.However the unreserved appreciation from a friend whose dreams you help achievewill heal you.
I am blessed not because of the things Iown, but because of the people invested in my life. I’ve come to realise thatmy happiest moments do not lie in the time spent with stuff, but in time sharedwith people. The truth is that some people in your life will hurt you, otherswill take you for granted and some will make you regret opening your hearts tothem. But once in a while, you’ll find that “diamond in the rough”. It is thesediamonds you must seek and once found, take them home with you, without abackward glance. True friends make you count your blessings daily. True friendsare not the judges in your court trial; they are your defence lawyers. Truefriends are not spectators in your soccer match; they are your team mates. Truefriends are not wardens in your prison, they are your cellmates.
We search ceaselessly for that special one,the one we think will complete us, that we end up ignoring those special“someones” already in our lives. Love is not found under the apple tree but inthat gulp from the bottle of la casera (apple juice) your friend paid for, asyou both stroll to class under the midday sun. So here’s a little assignment,make a list of the special people in your life and thank them. I’ll start,thank you to the “four” I’ve written about; Tammy, Titan, Mohawk and Sir Teddy.Thank you to Amaju, Yossie, Olumide, Nkem, Pampam, Segun and Franque. I’mblessed because you’re invested in me. So I hope you don’t mind that I’ve putdown in words how wonderful my life is, while you’re in it. 
P.s. I’m sorry if I’ve neglected to mentionyour name, it is really late at night as I write this and sleep beckons. Thankyou and God bless you for being in my life.
“Dear friend, I hope you don’t mindthat I put down in words, how wonderful life is, while you’re in theworld.” 
Thank you for reading.

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