D – Large presents ‘do the jegg’, more than a song – a movement.

D – Large is an epitome of hard work and passion as anartiste, songwriter, record executive, video director and music producer. Thehip hop/dance-hall/rap artiste artistes and actor – who starred in the hugelysuccessful ‘Prada’ Nollywood flick is not resting on his laurels as a respectedforce in the music industry circuit. He returned from Belgium where he hastoured relentlessly and has doubled up on his hustle with collaborations withthe best and finest counterparts on this side of the world. The music is notjoke to D – Large as he is putting his mouth where his money is with deliveringworld class visuals for the hit bound records.

The  C.E.O  of Large Entertainment  with a Large Records arm, the record label;audio recording studio; visual/video editing studio; statement of the artequipment rental and offering other allied services – is sure at making a crackin the industry with his accompanying savvy business move and tactics to hisartistry.
Armed with an almost endless catalogue of music includingcollaborations with Ghanaian and American superstar singer Akon’s Konvict Musicsigned Sarkodie, YQ, JahBless, Konga, Yemi Sax, Mallam Spicy, late Dagrin,Sandaz Black of Duncan Mighty’s biggest song ‘dance for me’ fame, 2face in theworks, just to mention a few;  visuals ofmost of which would be released in the nearest feature inclusive of the videoswhich he shot and directed overseas. D –Large is a rare multi talented whiz.
Unknown to most people, the artiste is an ex professionalfootballer. He played for the team –  VGOostende Belgium.

In 2008, he was introduced to fans in the world class videofor ‘One love’ which was promoted under the Kennis Music imprint, ‘One love’enjoy rave reviews and airplay on TV networks across all platform and it wasfollowed with a popular song ‘Marry dem’, that a lot would know the artistewith. D – Large’s debut album is nothing short of impeccable,loaded with songs upon songs that would score as big hits and climb both radioand TV charts. The yet-to-titled album is complete with today’s music and soundthat would shape the future of Nigerian music and international scene.

‘Do the jegg’ is a trail blazing movement, beyond a record.The record is an easy to sing along delivered on an instrumentation that isfuturistic. The record produced by Cashson sees the upbeat artiste, D – Largedeliver effortlessly as he calls on a listener to a new dance move that isbound to go viral.

‘For the fake ones have come to clear their felony’, Thename is D –Large, y’all know I burn like flame, I’m all about the gain ‘causeI’ve seen all the pain. If you don’t know D – Large by now, it is imperativethat you google his face.’