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Choosing a Truckload Trailer for Your Business

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Buying a trailer requires a substantial investment; whether you are planning to move long distance or you want the trailer for regular use on your farm, it is important to know that there are options that will not send you to the poor house. You can find a variety of trailers on Jiji, regardless of the size of your load or the type of cargo you need to ship; by communicating with a seller directly, you can get the best bargain price.

In meantime, here is a list of the most popular trailers that are used for transport a load or freight:

1. Enclosed Trailer

Universal semi-trailer for domestic and international transportation of commercial goods that are not temperature-sensitive, but to protect the freights from the harmful elements of the weather or the roads; the trailer can be loaded from four sides.
Standard Load Capacity: 20/25 tons or 26 standard pallets
Volume: 6093 cubic metres

2. Refrigerated Trailer

Refrigerated trailer is designed for transporting refrigerated food storage; depending on the trailer type, the temperature inside can be controlled in the range of +120°C to –250°C.
Standard Volume Capacity: 6093 cubic metres, 30 pallets and 2025 tons.

3. Isotherm Trailer

Isotherm trailer is designed for the transport of cargo in controlled temperature; unlike refrigerated trailers, these maintain the temperature in the range of from to 16°C – has volume and carrying capacity similar to a refrigerated trailer.

4. Jumbo Trailer

Jumbo trailer that has a “broken” frame, characterized by increased capacity due to the stepped L-shaped floor of the cargo compartment with a fracture in the front and a reduced diameter of the wheels of the semi-trailer.
Standard Carrying Capacity: 2024 tons or up to 30 pallets
Volume: 86125 cubic metres

5. Flatbed Trailer

Open sided flatbed semi-trailer is intended for the transportation of cargo of different nature and dimensions, which do not require special transportation conditions and resistant to low and high air temperatures.
Standard Lifting Capacity: 1525 tons

6. Specialized Liquid Tanker

Specialized liquid food grade tanker can carry typical food products such as wine, milk, edible oils, water and so much more; chemical tankers can carry various hazardous liquids such as sulphuric and hydrochloric acid. Depending on a type, it can carry from 20,800 litres to 43,900 litres.

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