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LECHEROUS JOURNAL: Episode 15 …script’d by BigDan

Lecherous Journal Artwork BigDan |

Lecherous Journal Artwork BigDan |


I totally disagree with some of the best quotes on “feelings“.

Helen Keller once said,

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

Funny how references was made to “best and most beautiful“, yet the heart is the same vacuum that “feels” the pain of guilt, jilt and reject.

Marilyn Monroe might have proven right with her quote that states,

It’s often just enough to be with someone. I don’t need to touch them. Not even talk. A feeling passes between you both. You’re not alone.

But she made no reference to the kind of feeling. Would it be a good, bad or ugly feeling? I’ve had them all, and such was how I felt as I awaited Tolu‘s arrival in last of minutes – my heart had a mixed reaction. I couldn’t tell if I was anxious or excited; could this be good, bad or ugly? I just needed to see her again and move on with the moment. I took a walk towards the Automated Teller Machine just before the escalator, pulled out my ATM card and made a transaction.


10:15 PM

Did you enjoy the movie?” I asked Tolu.

Yeah I did, hilarious Kevin Hart. I just love the guy.

I watched her intently as she expressed her joy. I tried deciphering if she was happy to be with me again or she just enjoyed the movie. I smiled at her, held her hand as we received our purchase and made a walk towards the taxi park.

So where are we going next? You said you’ve got a lot of surprise for me today.Tolu asked.

Just leave the rest to me, yours is to tag along.” I said to her as I gave my usual smile; I had the night all planned out in my mind.


She made for the hotel room’s bathroom immediately we checked in. She had said it. My plan was yet to take a toll on her but I knew it would very soon; I allowed her into the room and bathroom and waited a minute to let her know I needed to get downstairs for about 20 minutes to settle a couple bills. She had been a little naive to see what I had incubated, spring forth. I dashed downstairs, made for the bar and ordered a quick bottle of Red Wine.

Please do you have any Italian wine?” I requested in a rush as the waitress I had beckoned appeared right in front of me.

Sorry sir, let me get you the Table Menu special for today.” The waitress had replied instantly.

I could sense the professionalism in her reply. She was dressed in a white shirt and black leggings; her a** had been the major highlight of her dress-code. Her chest housed an enormous boobs hidden behind a large-sized white blouse. Abiodun!!! I called to myself thrice in my mind as I questioned my curiosity for my obsession for the feminine gender; I understand God created Eve to support Adam, but I don’t understand my inclination to everything that has got a breast and p****. At this rate, I might just find myself locked in a world of she-males if I don’t caution my obsession. Okay, that would never happen, I reminded myself. My pride and intelligence won’t permit me the room for such. The waiter was back with the Menu Special print-out for the day and I quickly glanced down the list of wines and settled for a B&G Red Wine; she noted it in her pad as she made a quick turn go fetch my order, but…

Your are new here right?” I asked the waitress.

Yes, it’s my 2nd week.” she replied quickly as she made an instant turn to fetch my order.

My mind pondered on her statistics, and just while I was still in the moment of evaluation, my nose caught a stench of cigarette reek from the customer who walked by-pass me. I contemplated a quick smoke of cigarette to help ease my anxieties – In less than 2 minutes, I had convinced myself to a NO. My Red Wine order did hit the table at an appropriate time before I got wondering the delay; I looked into the waitress eyes and I felt her discomfort. She was already caught in my spell of erotic looks and I knew she would fall soonest; instantly, as she turned away from me to attend to other business, my mind wandered off to the past – my long past ordeal in Ghana came into play. Oh God, if thou truly givest forgiveness, please forgive me for the sins I committed with the Ghanaian receptionist I had encountered way years back when I was in the higher institution. I knew this was a tale for the future – the experience just couldn’t be left out. Just at the moment, thoughts of Akin played in my mind and I remembered tales he did share with me about his trip to Ghana; I really should write a “Lecherous Journal” about Akin and Abiodun beyond the borders of Nigeria, I thought to myself. As I was still caught in my thought, the waitress re-appeared, only to be dressed in a different attire – more appealing, body tight and sexier than her occupation dress-code.

I don’t have change please and I’m closing my shift right now, please can you follow me outside for your change?

Like that wasn’t enough an insult, I looked at my phone screen for the present time.

11:07 PM.

My physical structure had responded quicker than my mental state – I grabbed my flute of half-filled Red Wine and accompanied her out the building.


Tolu had been done with her shower 20 minutes ago and had changed into a see-through gown she had packaged in her bag earlier. She had no underwear on, both top and bottom of her privy. She had her plans inculcated into her mind, she’s been on this for almost a week long; as she laid on the hotel room’s bed, she picked up the desktop phone and dialled 113 – the inscription, “Bar“, had been written on the phone right after the dial code.

Hello, I’m a customer in Room 208 – I’ll like a bottle of JP Chennet Red wine. Please bring it up as soon as possible with 2 flutes.” She dropped the hand-held receiver and adjusted her boobs withing her night gown. She smiled and said to herself – “Tonight, I prove to Vivian that Abiodun would always be my man.


If you don’t pay attention to your guy’s jealousy, you’ll later end up paying heavily for his attention.” – BigDan


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