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M-Lake ‘n’ Toby Octave – THE LIMIT [Official Sound Track + Trailer]


M-Lake and Toby Octave decided to take a break from the norm; a break from what we’ve known them to be [singers]. M-Lake, apart from being a singer, is also a video director and has done notable works ranging from music videos to TV montages e.t.c., and Toby Octave, apart from being a singer has been nursing the ambition of being an actor; they decided to collaborate on this one and with the help of other friends like Sexy Blaize [dancer], Wale Watch It [dancer], Maffy’Ozo [rapper] and Dashing Lollipop [actress], they uniquely and creatively tell a story of how an oppressed young man fought back with the magical powers cast upon him by a strange spiritual being [devil] in his dreams, titled “The Limit“. “The Limit” is an action fantasy, 15-minutes short movie that would be available for Online Streaming and Free Downloads. This is the 1st official trailer and the Official Sound Track. | ENJOY!!!

DOWNLOAD ~ M-Lake & Toby Octave – THE LIMIT [Official Sound Track]

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