Artiste: Timaya ft. Phyno & Olamide
Track: Telli Person (Official Video)
Directed By: Clarence A. Peters
Written By: Edward Fortune (@fawtchune)
Category: Critique’s Piece
Platform: AceWorldTEAM

“So I watched the music video that was dissing me and all I saw was old men singing rubbish; we need good music in this country.” That was the statement I saw from our newest role model and internet beef master, HushPuppi, that caught my attention and the first thing I said was “wawu”! That was savagery!! Then I paused and realised the video in question is actually to a song I have been vibing to for some days now as e be say na every day dem dey want make I dey add new song to playlist and this time around, no be just anyhow artiste oh, na “old man” get the song and him gum body with men wey don suppose get sense for industry, our uncle hush dey talk about so oooh!!

News filtered into the air that the video had dropped and Phyno with him toothpick body diss HushPuppi and for me, even though I had heard and listened to his verse on the song and basically lost count of how many times, I was disappointed he would stoop so low to bring back to life, a matter that had given both parties good PR at that point because take it or leave it, PR na PR!!! I had to watch the video; na so I carry my two left legs waka go find network oooh – I never knew that was the beginning of my heart trouble! Now the heart trouble came in two parts…

  1. I had laughed my head out with the moves Phyno displayed in the video and a little bit of other comic scenes which served as a stress reliever any time the video pops!
  2. I had just seen another duplicated 3 minutes 49 seconds video!

The first scene sees Egberi Papa himself stepping out with his only God knows wetin I fit call the material wey dem use sew that him Agbada (the thing fit am shaa) and sees him introducing his fellow “old men,” Olamide and Phyno; as the beat went on and he started singing, all I kept seeing was the same video to “Concur,” but I just refused to be biased and honestly focus and enjoy the video but my over sabi no just gree me! I had to drink water to farabale!! From the background to the dance and mumu drama or whatever they were doing, just kept brining the “Concur” video back to my head and like play like play, the song sef begin dey sound like “Concur” – I say yawa don dey be that oooh – for Timaya who has been known for three different types of things he talks about in his music, whereby he’s either talking about how the babes “behind” is such a glorious one or how she likes the way his “aged” cassava makes a good meal when the other room is activated or maybe im remember as im take suffer and God just decide to show am mercy, e go disturb our eardrum with how im suffer and then God smile give am or finally, which is more like the best part of the kind of songs he write, which is he always advising peeps in his songs.

Only am na baddoolee, pastor and counsellor for this same music industry…(yawa no dey).

Brother Nnamdi, every day you dey samankwe, I tell you, you no gree, when the time is right my brother eh…” is just one part of the song wey get brain and gbam, uncle Phyno carry black bag like cooperate house boy, enter begin dey speak Igbo; song be dey sweet jeje oooh, then he started bringing tales by moonlight into the matter.

My father use to tell me say my son invest money oooh, you no get work you dey show money oooh.Bros, abeg how e take concern you if im no get work? Him come your house come beg you money or come borrow shirt? Una dey on a different hustling levels naa and so long as say im no use im own disturb your own, which one be the stories that touch wey you begin serve us? You were asked to feature (spice up) the song and not make it an avenue to diss anyone – why you no just enter studio record your own 3:49 seconds song if na diss or advice you feel like to give senior brosHush?” After these many weeks, the matter still dey pepper you for body?

It’s funny how Nigerian artistes will be on a song as a featured artiste, and all they would do best is to turn it into a diss track when in the first place, the song no be diss song and case study, na uncle wey get frog voice!!! Phyno was just too petty on that verse after he had written the whole of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John on IG when dem clear im doubt once about all the fake packaging wey him dey do! E be like say the thing sef na true, because e pain am reach bone and for him to talk about it again for song wey no be him own, e be like say Uncle Puppi sabi flog person for where e dey always pain oooh! The truth is, you dont know what investment senior bros for IG get; you have no idea what hustle he’s on – all we have na assumptions and that’s what you decided to build upon while writing the song and take it or leave it, Phyno gave Puppi more relevancy by taking that kinda lame shot at him (I no support bros oooh, but make we talk true sef) because like I said earlier, PR na PR!!!

Previously Published,  Olamide - SCIENCE STUDENT (prod. by Young John & B. Banks)

I was digesting that iranu Phyno displayed and then the King of Lamba, C.E.O of Agbero United, Chairman of Tush Omota Association, Wavy Baale himself, Olamide, carry him small body (anyone noticed he has lost weight?) begin talk heavy rubbish for the song! The song is suppose to be an advice kinda song or a conscious music filled with so much “words of wisdom” but no, he was on a wavy level when he enter studio so he clearly lost sense of direction! What was he even doing with that red cup in his hand, for someone who is here to advise another, even though him just dey misyarn for the song. Abeg which one be “saminamina waka waka eh eh!” Like say we dey open World Cup again? Okay fine, you have gone through the dirt’s, babes no gree invest in your emotions and you been cheap enough yawa and all, but then, God has been so gracious enough to have cleaned you up and put you as head of the above mentioned associations and cabal and you have a fan-base that has taken over, you shut down cities outside your hood and that’s so remarkable. You are on your lane and you make sh*t happen but seriously, what was Olamide singing on that verse? Telling us how he was toasting a girl when he was still in the hood, how dem tell am say him be like “Eja Shawa” and how yawa na the order of the day every time him show face for babe side, say the babe mama even ask am sefwho is your father” and am like WTF! Which kind rubbish be all this one naaaa? Uncle Timaya was driving home a point when he started the song with: “Yetunde, every night and day you just dey samankwe, I tell you, you no gree.” One would understand the point of view already drawn from his first line and how the story is expected to play out with little regrets or repercussions from being all deaf and dumb or like dem say “to be fore-warned is to…” Finish the rest if you know book sef! And all the two “old men” decided to do on that song was to constitute nuisance on that song, bring their rubbish personal vendetta to stain uncles white with thick palm oil (well both of them na friends so I really no dey surprise sef). E talk him rubbish finish begin say “oya whine for me ooh, bend down ko ma jo for me oohChai! We really need good music abeg!!

As if all of that wasn’t enuf, the video ehn, na bloody apology and I say so with all sense of responsibility!!! (Am in front of my house, you know what to do!!!)

Aside from the fact that Uncle Dada just took away some scenes from “Concur” video and replaced it with some scenes on this new one, the whole story-line would have been better if only a concept was drawn, because in as much as they tried to paint a story-line with the little mumu exhibition that was going on stage, it won’t have cost Timaya anything if a little bit of real life drama was enacted or displayed, not all the yeye things wey dem dey show us; writing about this sef dey give me serious headache cos after discovering it was shot and directed by Clarence, I just understood where all the mumurism dey came from.

Here’s my final koko,

Timaya, Egberi Papa 1, Senior Man!! You have delivered excellent videos and music, thank you for still driving home the point despite all the “branching out” talk wey your fellow men do for the song; I’m sure at a point you realised they were not making sense or buttressing your point which explains why you just had to do the last verse and say “the life we dey, we no fit play wayo; the way you lay your bed, na so you go…” Me, I’m super convinced if you had delivered that piece yourself without all dem attache wey you use, dem for no call you “old man,” but as you go rub body with small children, remember say old men talk say, “when the bird starts mixing with the fowl, it humiliates itself” and na wetin don happen to you like this ooh! You na senior man for the hustle so abeg, no be everything be feature cos alone on a song, you naSoundBoy.” One more thing bros, abeg no be must say you must work with Uncle Dada every time oooh; you don shave your own, leave am make him still dey mumu himself with yeye videos abeg.

Edward Fortune