Artiste: Simi
Track: Joromi (Official Video)
Directed By: AJE Filmworks
Written By: Edward Fortune (@fawtchune)
Category: Critique’s Piece
Platform: AceWorldTEAM

I’m sure we all have at some point in our lives heard and made use of the statement, “small but mighty,” abi? Well, we also get small but mighty for our music industry wey dey sabi how to burst person Dada!!!
Aunty SIMI!!! Aunty SIMI!!! Aunty SIMI!!! How many times I call you? Before I go begin yan about your “Joromi” video, I wan ask you one question oooh and abeg make you no vex!
“Abeg, why e be say for all your music video wey get head, na so so hide and seek love you always dey do for the video? Na so your papa and mama take run am wey dey collabo com drop you or na so ‘Uncle Gold’ take tidy your matter?”
When you drop “you be ‘Tiff’ I know say you be ‘Tiff’ ohh,” na so you do police and thief for the setting; you release “Smile” na so dem brother begin do hide and seek love sotay him dey give you clues on how and where to find find am like say the more you look, the more you see!

Over time, Simi has never failed to deliver not just a classic tune for lovers, she’s also made it a point of duty to interpret her songs with her videos and that’s one feat that is so lacking in the industry today where all we have or see is “expired nyash or sagged boobs supported by bikini bra” and too many follow-follow concept!

Joromi” video dropped on a Thursday afternoon, few hours after the audio had been released and based on one or two things, I been dey groove to the audio and trying to process the video when aunty decided to save me the stress of creating a video in my head and mind; I was sure I wasn’t going to be wasting my MB again considering the fact that Simi had never disappointed me before – I no just gree download am yet because the “joromi joromi, I want you to love me” part of the song kept ringing in my head like say na my ring-tone! I finally decided to see what “hide and seek” game our aunty Simi will play this time around with the video and behold, an apple doesn’t really fall far from the tree.

Video opened with an explanation already established in the mind of viewers that the “bar tender” go be joromi; e be like say Simi like men wey don chop iron tire abi? She goes on to demonstrate how frustrated she’s been, trying to get Uncle Joromi‘s attention without reciprocation and then she decided to play her “boju boju” game as always by leaving something behind and make him search for her!

From intentionally leaving her purse behind, to getting a message from uncle that has been forming “blind bathemos,” to she tracing him to a basketball court where if you ask me, something wasn’t just right there…

He had already seen you watching him play and even made the opponent collect the ball only for you to pretend to have fallen and then your ankle hurts? Aunty, boju boju get limits naa, but aunty was just getting started ooh as e be say the purse no just wan gree follow aunty Simi go house.
So uncle forget to put on his shirts and instantly became a doctor and carried aunty Simi into his car and offered to drive and I kept wondering, “shey uncle’s armpit wasn’t smelling from all the sweat of being dribbled and trying to make a target?” Which one concern me, shebi love covers all abi? Aunty want make uncle call am, and all our bro kept doing was either sending a text or doing WhatsApp and somehow, he always managed to make Simi blush and plan another “purse forgetting game.”

The video wraps up with a small get together with friends and Simi boldly sings her way into his heart and I no even understand whether Uncle Joromi no just understand say aunty like am wey him just dey form commando sef! The walk on the beach which every love bird seem to enjoy was also displayed and one would honestly think that “snake and ladder” game yaff finish oooh, only for uncle to drive home, turn to his side to see your yellow purse but then, “hide and seek” don get levels! We don’t know what he saw that made him send that usual “textwey make aunty FOCUS!!!

Previously Published,  DJ Kentalky ft. Reekado Banks - JAIYE (prod. by Jay Pizzle)

Simi and her team at X3M Music always have a way of piercing through the hearts with not just great lyrical content, but a well-scripted video to compliment it as well; employing the services of one of Naija‘s finest video illustrators, AJE Filmworks, was just too super and judging by records, he is known to always interpret video the exact way he sees them from the audio angle and I think the both of us would really make a great team working together (wink). We go just sweep uncle with Dada komot from the industry make we for see road with all him colour-colour video every time!

Simi was courageous and able to break stereotype with this piece again, not just for the industry, but also a way of saying “if you want something, get it but don’t loose your dignity while getting it.” She wanted the Uncle Joromi, she played her cards well and he ended up being the one to do the first “texting and dropping off“; she stole and would definitely steal your heart away in 4 minutes and 1 second! It’s a must-see but get ready for another “boju boju” video oooh.

And here’s my final plea to Simi,

“Aunty Simi, we love your works, we await your album which I’m sure would be a breathe of fresh air but please, stop doing ‘hide and seek’ video for us naa! We don tire for hide and seek and even though you always interpret your videos well which is highly applaud-able, a little touch of something new would be appreciated as well.”

U na SMALL BUT MIGHTY NAAA!! I komot cap for you abeg!!

Edward Fortune

With only a few hours gone by since we got the Oscar Heman-Ackah produced cut titled “Joromi” from the X3M Music songstress, Simi, X3M Music has likewise put out the official single to the offering which currently stands as the second official single from the recording act, ahead of her album release in the month of September; we at AceWorldTEAM certainly can’t wait to cop this project – watch and share your thoughts. | ENJOY!!!