Vector – REDEFINED | Lyrics Included

Vector - #A7 Artwork |

Vector - REDEFINED Artwork |

Redefined” in one word for me would be termed as glorious, or better still, empyrean, as it’s bound to leave the listener in an inspiring awe owing to it’s composition and delivery; the 1st track off the September-release project, “#A7,” Vector puts the heat on with this tune as a follow-up to his come-back tune, “Where Is Vector?which caused a rift as at the time of it’s release. Guide yourself with the lyrics below; listen up and share your thoughts. | ENJOY!!!

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Verse 1
I am sniping everybody here, nobody’s escaping
If you’re willing to take your shots I better discover the meaning is “taping”
The illest rapper ever seen yeah you know me
You’re a clown with your a** your competition is BOVI
Fights out when they bring the mics out
Nice style? Oh damn even though it’s quite sour
I’m that rapper, most you rappers secretly
Admire cos when it comes to these beats I’m Quagmire
I’m talking bout “gigitty goo” damn
Guess I be giving to them
If you’re ready for war be ready for chores
You’re MAKING a new STEM
Guess who’s playing stem
Like KUNTAKINTE you playing [you play in] ROOTS
Your story’s so predictable, all you need is a home video director and somebody playing flutes ah!

This no be debate yes!
The Mofo rapping is the greatest in this R.A.P Game fiyeh!

Verse 2
It’s the return of the viper
Freestyle genius, impeccable writer
Talk anyhow you lose your life ah
Can’t talk free hommie this is not viber
And I am not a psycher
Listen up!
All y’all rappers need to follow
Awan af’oju rappers
K’wan ma f’igi follow
Yeah I be that greatest
Anybody tryna disrespect
You better know is going down – South – #MAFIKIZOLO
Macarthy baracki the boy no dey happy we keep it military we keep it khaki believe that I bury the one getting at me
Maa pa wan danu danu danu u copy?
I’m far gone I’m gone don’t even try
You wouldn’t see me with Segun Arinze’s eyes … I!!!


Verse 3
Peace to everybody who deserves peace [2X]
Man dem ah try
Man dem ah die
Man ah go away, if you cross my way
Things are crazy me I no dey play
One time hommie I keep it real straight
I keep going [assault]
RAH! TAH!! TAH!!! TAh!!!!
Swear to God you no want wahala
This music go carry you waka
So light up your “J” your lala…
This no be debate yes
The mofo rapping is the greatest in ths R-A-P game fiyeh!