2099 - PURPLELATION Artwork | AceWorldTeam.com

2099 - PURPLELATION Artwork | AceWorldTeam.com

2099 is a Nigerian Rock band based in Lagos; once known as Euyouniverses & Genes, they originally consist of Okosodo Godspower Ehis Page [Lead Vocal, Song Writer & Lead Guitars], Bade Olakunle Felix Sir [Rhythm Guitars], Miss Ozinegbe Irene [Base Guitar]. They were later joined by Onyelo Kingsley [Base Guitar, Synth/Piano] and Dennis Jones [Drums] and now form the trending members for the year 2014; 2099 are known for their honesty, realism-fueled construction of music [as shown on this new offering titled “Purplelation] and image, as well as their Chemellion Universality in personality. The band recorded the song “Purplelation” in 2014, spawned with interestingly disturbing psychedelic lyricism and one directional base line and more.

According to them,

music has a classification problem, but “Purplelation” falls under the genre of Rock music.

2099 has etched it’s name as a typical, original Nigerian Rock band, and have promising, uprising prospects; listen up and share your thoughts. | ENJOY!!!