LECHEROUS JOURNAL: Episode 20 …script’d by BigDan

Lecherous Journal Artwork ...by BigDan | AceWorldTeam.com

Lecherous Journal Artwork ...by BigDan | AceWorldTeam.com


Akin stared at the set as Jide rounded up his performance for the camera and the director yelled “cut, it’s a wrap everyone.

Equipments were dismantled and assembled back into their cases and bags; Jide walked up to Akin and they both had a brief chat. Akin whispered something into Jide‘s ear and Jide smiled; he stood up from beside Akin and called out to everyone to listen up.

Thanks everyone for making it out tonight and rendering your support in every way possible. I appreciate your effort. The night is still young and there’s enough to merry about, so if you all mind to join us in the Gazebo, we’ve got music and refreshment to party our way till morning.

There was a loud cheer as the girls danced their way to the Gazebo. Akin smiled and gave a thumbs-up to Jide. “Nice speech brov, you should try being a moderator someday.

Jide chuckled as he gave Akin a hand and pulled him to his feet. “God punish that Abiodun boy for not showing up today.Jide said to Akin as they did stride down to the Gazebo.

He’ll be available tomorrow.Akin replied.

I hope so. Now tell me what you were doing with my cousin at the shore.Akin laughed as they made their way through the director and his crew.


I woke up just before dawn and headed straight for the washroom. Tolu laid on the bed, there in all of her beauty, completely naked with her legs slightly spread. I took a leak, washed my face and rinsed my mouth. As I walked out of the bathroom towards the bed, Tolu had rolled onto her back. The thought of going back to sleep slowly vanished as I caught hold of her bare p***y staring back at me just waiting to be attended to; morning sex, they say is the best. I quietly climbed the bed and slowly descended my face between her legs as I gently began to lick the lips of her p***y so as not to wake her up; her body began to respond slightly by moving as I got bolder. Digging my index finger into her p***y, I stroked her gently as she moaned with pleasure unconsciously; sensing the desire in her aroused p***y, I added a little more vigour to my foreplay as I took to assault her p***y on dual attack with my tongue and finger. Her moans grew louder and her eyelid parted. She opened her eyes to the reality of the present and I raised my face to welcome her to the morning with a smile; she pressed her breasts with her hands and arched her back as I sucked her deeper. Making a dash for my d**k, she stroked it till it was fully firm and mounted my face as she buried her head and closed her mouth over my c**k.

…69 it was

Gagging deeper than the previous night, her pace on my c**k sure had me sucking her crazy.

Cunninlingus and Felatio, what an invention, I thought to myself.

I felt her body shudder. Too early for orgasm? I wasn’t sure. The moment had taken over me. I created a vacuum over her cl*t with my mouth; the feeling got so intense, she pleaded that I stop. I sucked her cl*t the more as I continued to finger her p***y.

Wicked boy.” She uttered as she descended from me. I pulled myself up and dragged her out of bed, pulling her by the hand as we made for the bathroom; I unscrewed the faucet a little to turn on the shower and pulled her under it to join me. Slowly we kissed as water dripped from our hair down to our legs. Slow passionate kisses became wild and erotic. Tongue plays and lips tease. I bent her over had penetrated her p***y from behind. With slow back and forth movements to fast jacking and spanking, she screamed my name and a couple of dirty words, bit her lips and whipped her wet hair from time to time. I held onto her a** cheeks as I did spread her legs open a little and continued to f**k her even harder. Leaving the shower to keep running, I pulled her with me to the toilet seat as I descended my a** and settled on it. Tolu began to bounce on my c**k facing her back to me; the water from the shower kept darting splashes at us but we didn’t care. Tolu was going crazy on my c**k. I grabbed her t*ts from behind and fondled them together, finger-holding her nipples and play with them. As her legs began to weaken, she pulled herself up from me slowly and took a quick wash under the shower, then she returned to my c**k and sat on it facing me. I took her b**bs into my mouth one after the other as she rode me to paradise. Shuffling from kissing her lips to teasing her nipples, she kept riding my d**k; tilting her head and body backwards, she whines slow on me and I could feel the head of my c**k hit her p***y walls within. The sensation grows stronger in me and I knew at this rate I’ll cum faster; I quickly grabbed her by the waist as I stood up and she wrapped her legs around me. Lifting and dropping her continuously on my c**k, we banged away till our body shook. I hurriedly put her down under the shower as she knelt down and took my c**k into her mouth; sucking and jerking me faster till my c**k erupted hug cum on her t*ts. I picked her up from the bathroom floor and we cleaned up together, playfully washing each others sex part and paying special attention to them. My c**k remained hard and rigid in her hands and her breast were still firm in mine; instantly I shifted from the soft caress mode I was using to wash her b**bs to fondling them erotically while the foam from the liquid soap did lather around them. I wanted another round of f**k in her p***y.

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Kate laid in her bed, her phone in her hand. She was tweeting her way to the start of the day. She checked her Direct Message [DM] for the umpteenth time, wondering why Abiodun hadn’t been on Twitter since she left him the previous day at the bar. “He still hasn’t replied my message.” she said to herself. She carried on with her normal tweets but her mind just couldn’t stay off the moment she had shared gisting and listening to Abiodun. “Such an intelligent dude. No he’s dumb, he should have asked for my number.” She kept deliberating and for every beep tone her phone makes, she silently wishes it was Abiodun replying her tweets. After a long time laying in bed and wishing endlessly, she finally gave up and got out of bed; it was time for her morning chores. She connected her charger’s jack to the charging port and plugged her phone to boost up the battery; she then left it on the bed as she walked over to her closet and pulled down an homely gown which she wore over her body. She had slept with only her pants on all night. She walked towards her bedroom door and the moment she turned the knob and opened the door, she knew her day just begun.


Love comes from the heart, lust from the mind. But bringing your heart and mind to work together results into an awesome feeling.” – BigDan

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