LECHEROUS JOURNAL: Episode 19 …script’d by BigDan

Lecherous Journal Artwork ...by BigDan | AceWorldTeam.com

Lecherous Journal Artwork ...by BigDan | AceWorldTeam.com

Someone once told me the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach; I quickly replied, give him good sex and you’ll forever remain in his mind.” – BigDan


As my body came in contact with hers, I felt her start to tremble in anticipation of what I was about to do; Tolu reached forward and grabbed my c**k, guiding it towards her p***y. Slowly I took over, rubbing the head of my d**k up and down her wet cl*t; her p***y juice running down her legs. I then slowly pushed my c**k in her until I was all of the way in; she gave out an inviting moan and spread her legs a little further apart so she could reach down and feel my balls between her legs. I started pumping my c**k in and out of her as I caressed her breasts and pinched her nipples; short dashes of melodious moans – “ah ah“, faintly swept out of her mouth as I sensed her hand touch my c**k – she played with her cl*t while I pounded her p***y vigorously. Her legs had began to sag and go weary while I was hitting her hard, I noticed; in a quick flip of position, I hurriedly turned her over and placed her on all 4‘s while her a** shot out the bed’s edge. Taking back position, I began hitting her from behind with more fury; her melodious whispers, a fusion of pain and pleasure worked like magic as it re-energised me everytime she moaned. She rested on one hand, moving the other to her tits as she played with them, fondling really hard. Then her fingers were on her cl*t, rubbing against them at twice the velocity of my pounding; her hand touched my balls and I loved it, I gave out a sweet hiss and she instantly knew I was enjoying her strokes on my balls. She played with them a little more and that made me dig my fingers deep into her a** – a sign of pleasure plotted against pain.
Evidently she had always had a dislike for anal, but I knew what I was about to do was worth the risk; I cautiously moved my thumb to the entrance of her a**-hole, then slowly, I pounded her from behind as I dug my thumb into her a** with every moan she let out.

Oh Abiodun, what are you doing?” She asked unconsciously; she was loving it, and as she moaned, she began to push up her a** against my finger. Trying not to get her too accustomed to the anal pleasure, I resisted her push on my finger; she pushed back harder as I pounded her even harder. She shivered as she moaned, “oh baby, I’m about to cum – don’t stop, don’t stop.” She worked her fingers on her cl*t furiously; I watched in anticipation of when she would cum, and as I timed her cumming, I dug my thumb deep into her a** as she shuttered and screamed with orgasm.

I felt a warm rush around my crotch.

Realizing that she had just squirted, I continued to pound her p***y, leaving my thumb in her a** as she descended from her orgasm; when she was still and finished, I took to un-mount her and flipped her over on the bed. I then slowly kissed up her body starting at her navel, working my way all up to her t*ts and then her mouth; she kissed me passionately for a few minutes – I could feel her short breathes at intervals.

I wanted more of her, I wanted to keep pounding her till my c**k exploded; she looked down at my c**k and marveled, “when would it go down?

I smiled, “not until I’m done with you in the morning.” Her eyes fluttered as she looked at me amazed.

I took her leg and spread them open nice and wide. “Oh my God, Abiodun, your plan is to kill me through sex today, right?

With no reply other than a smile, I ran my fingers up and down her inner thighs while she shuttered from excitement; leaning forward, I rubbed my c**k up and down her p***y, then pushed a little further to kiss her waiting lips, dragging mine down to her t*ts. She loved them. She reached down between my legs and held my c** lightly, pushing it into her p***y; I was back to my pounding routine, only this time, slowly. Missionary style was one archaic position I still enjoyed – maybe it’s because I had invented the double t*ts teasing style that always threw Tolu over the edge. Ringing her t*t with my tongue, I kept gyrating my hips and grinding into hers; slowly, I moved my c**k in and out of her p***y, enjoying every bit of her. Kissing up and down her neck, nibbling on her nape as she blessed me with that sweet tune of whispers, I rocked back and forth as she arched her back in ecstasy; my hands reached up and clustered her breasts together as I joined both of her nipples and took them into my mouth. Sucking, biting and tongue teasing them in my mouth, she moaned out of excitement as she closed her eyes into fantasy.

She loves it when I do that.

All the while, I kept f**king her wanting p***y; I lifted her legs and in one sweep, I dragged a pillow under her a**. Such angle was perfect for deep penetration. I banged her p***y really nice and slowly, moving my c**k in and out of the juicy ditch; placing my hands on her a**, I pulled her closer towards me to achieve maximum penetration. I continued my barrage up and down her c*nt as my lips went back to hers and we continued kissing; our tongues intertwined just like our bodies. My bowel felt warm from her words.

Baby, I’m cumming again.” I increased the pace of my back and forth movement on her p***y, pumping my c**k faster and faster till I could hear my balls slapping against her thighs.

Tolu ran her fingernails up and down my spine as she started to orgasm; closing up her legs so that my penetration goes tighter, I told her, “baby, clamp your p***y muscles on my d**k.” She knew it was time for us to go spontaneous. She loved the moment.

I forced my way back and forth her p***y as it heated up and she yelled out, “Abbey, oh my days – oh god, oh god.” I could feel her shaking as I was about to cum; I tried pulling out but she had predicted my move thereby holding me down to herself. We climaxed together as I came into her fabulously heated p**y; the last of words I remembered saying was, “oh baby”, as I slowed my pace till our orgasm subdued – we kept kissing, smaller yet delicate.

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At a conclusion, I took my spent p*nis out of her p***y as we both heard the slurping noise it made as we retrieved from each other; I fell to her side as we both laid in a brief moment of silence to catch our breathe.

She whispered beneath her breathe, “I miss this, I miss you.

My face wore a smile as we kept staring at the ceiling. “Time to freshen up.” I said to her as I got out of the bed; she stretched out her hands like she wanted me to pull her up. As my right hand met with hers, she pulled me down to herself – as I fell on her, she quickly locked my mouth with hers to avoid me uttering any word. We kissed passionately and as it got deeper, she felt my d**k rise on her flesh as it bulged again; swiftly, she turned me over and mounted on me. I wasn’t expecting her next line of action as she skillfully tongue-cleaned my face – eye to eye, forehead, ear to ear and down to my neck; I waited patiently for her to satisfy herself with the light foreplay so we could go take a shower, but I was wrong. She slid her tongue down to my neck, licking and biting me to a tease; running her fingernails along my arm, my d**k grew bigger and nodded in appreciation. The tingling feeling running through my spine could only register pleasure, more pleasure and…

I felt the warmth of her breath as she took my nipple into her mouth. Trouble!

I tried to raise my head to stop her before she starts another round of sexual excitement in me but she pinned me down to the bed and took total control of my body; I was helpless. She reached for the bedside stand, grabbed the bottle of red-wine she had ordered earlier and gulped down a ginormous volume; she lowered the bottle to my mouth and I drank out of it hastily. Pulling the bottle out of my mouth, she poured a little amount on my nipples as it flowed down my chest to my navel and like a thirsty dog, she licked it all off me; the feeling of the drink and her tongue all on me drove me wild and crazy like a reckless driver in danger. My eyes shut instantly and I let out a sigh of excitement with my mouth slightly opened; waiting patiently like a vulture hovering over it’s about-to-die prey, she waited till her p***y was warm and wet as she aroused herself even further by every act of foreplay she was casting on me. I grabbed the bottle from her hand and gulped down the rest of it content hurriedly, then I let it roll down the bed to the extreme end close to the wall.

She engulfed my c**k in her mouth.

My entire shaft was within her lips as she caressed my balls. “This is the best blowjob I had ever had.” I said to her – she didn’t respond. Licking my shaft, tonguing the head of my c**k and sucking on my balls, she knew how to get me to maximum length in so short a time. Once she was satisfied with my hardness, she sat up and climbed over my d**k, lowering herself onto my hard and wanting d**k as she straddled me – her p***y got so f**king wet.

I heard her phone vibrate on the bedside stand, but we didn’t care.

She rode in a faster pace over me as I raised my hands and clamped her boobs withing my palms, fondling them to the core; her a** bounced up and down on me as I enjoyed the sensation I was getting at the head of d**k. She beat my hands down off her boobs as she turned 180 degrees on me without letting go of my d**k from her p***y, then she began bouncing again. I was in heaven. After a couple of hip-hopping and a**-clapping, she lowered her back towards me and began digging deep.

Oh geez, T-baby, you are a bad girl.” I said out unconsciously. She reached forward for my feet and held onto them as she kept hopping; she was enjoying it. I was too. We both chorused moans and groans of pleasure and pain as she satisfied her p***y and my d**k. Raising her right leg slightly, she kept her upward and downward a** movement in check; I could feel her legs going weak. I quickly dragged her down to the bed without disconnecting my plug from her socket; as she laid on the bed, her back to mine, I took it my duty to thrust her from behind. She wined her a** back and round, around my c**k.

We laid in this position for long till she broke the silence – “you ain’t even close to cumming, right?

No baby.” I said as I kept on thrusting. She pulled herself off my d**k and turned around to kiss me.

My p***y hurts already.

We smiled at each other as she called me a beast; I stood up from the bed and gestured to her that we go get a shower. She replied, “I’m too weak for now, it can wait till morning.

I grabbed my phone from the bedside stand as I tossed hers to her after she tried making a move for it; I walked to the bathroom while unlocking my phone.

3 Missed CallsVivian.
1 Unread Message.

I clicked opened the message, ignoring 74 pings and 6 WhatsApp messages. I read the message to myself.

Watchu you doing today’s afternoon? I’ll be leaving the office early by 2PM. Can we meet up at Ikeja Shopping Mall? Goodnight. XoXo.

I quickly deleted the message as I found my way to my music library and searched out the song, “Sex Never Felt Better” by TGT, off their “Three Kings” album.


Sex is a part of nature. I go along with nature.” – Marilyn Monroe

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