Quebex – BASED ON CERTAIN THINGS Freestyle [prod. by HighDee]

Quebex - BASED ON CERTAIN THINGS Freestyle [prod. by HighDee] Artwork | AceWorldTeam.com

Quebex - BASED ON CERTAIN THINGS Freestyle [prod. by HighDee] Artwork | AceWorldTeam.com

PokaNation Music presents “Based On Certain Things” by Quebex, as produced by HighDee; after successfully dropping his previous single titled “No BadMind Me” barely a month and half ago, winner of the “Best Hip-Hop Artiste Of The Year” category at the Edo Entertainment Music Awards 2013, Quebex, is back with a brand new freestyle. | ENJOY!!!



This is… Based on certain things.
Have been through hell even heaven knows
Wana make this song so my mind don’t blow
Wana make this dough so their life gon glow
So much words in my head, pray my mind don’t go
Why some work just to see the boy grow, some others wait just to see the boy fall
Have been to hell and have been back,
So much words in my head, pray my mind don’t blank
Sometimes I ask myself, think you on track?
With the bull crap you see daily think you gon slack
Ever go find yourself place in the map?
All these years in school boy you just gon rap?
Lots of fear mehn that is a fact but a dude’s gon do what a dude’s gon do
Me with the Mic is like love in the booth
Giving hits pon hits man watch it coming
They push me back boy up to the wall, now they wait to see if Que’s starting a war
Born with the grace that’s right boy I won and with Jah by my side, what more do i want?
Have been with the good, the bad, the holy, the ugly,
Stab me in the back up front and they hug me
The pain, the heat, oh Lord take it from me,
After the night comes the morning
Ah be making this thing with HighDee on the beat
Bad guy, am high, they hate and they beef
We step in the booth
We bring in the groove
We ripping the roof
We repping the hood
Beast mode amma ball till I fall
F**k with the Que oh boy I kill them all
Jump on the beat all we do is devour
Sam and Faith’s boy, B-City’s son
Let’s take it slow, go with the flow
Shoot from the booth and it’s straight to your soul
We here and there but we still on the road
On the fast lane doing some Usain Bolt
Ah be your first and last
A walk in the park
They say the contents dead we bringing it back
One for the fam and the other for friends
Coming that day when in roll in the benz
Now coool… Bring it back
No punch but I took it and shot it pow!!
Shout out to you that hold it down
Boy from the hood now we lock it down
Now move!!! To the beat and bounce
Came from nowhere now we raise the bar
Started from Awulu shey? Then Girlfriend came and Mafimisere came on
and boom!!! Ssma balling!
Smacked to the sky like a volleyball
Dont give a F so we standing tall
Respect to the gang that am repping for
nd I… like to stay laid back
Work on me getting the maybach
Someday we gon make it rain stacks
And this is based on certain things sha